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Rabbi Asher Lopatin (center) with students of an Indonesian Islamic School.
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As holy days approach, rabbis reflect on final sermons

(RNS) A well-known Jewish adage says that one should “repent one day before your last one.” Religion News Service spoke to a variety of rabbis about what their final Jewish New Year message to their flock before leaving the pulpit would be. By Beth Kissileff. 
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Does megachurch ‘high’ explain their success?

(RNS) A new study suggests that megachurch services produce a spiritual and biological “high” that keeps congregants coming back for more. By Chris Lisee.
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Gesturing enthusiastically, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon delivers a sermon on "The New Future of Christianity" to an overflow crowd of more than 20,000 at New York's Madison Square Garden. (Date unknown)
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Reverend Michael Seneco, presiding Bishop of the North American Old Catholic Church, gives the sermon on Sunday, May 6, 2012.
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