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Commission suggests ways to keep closer eye on lavish ministries

(RNS) A special commission created by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability has called for clearer IRS guidance and greater involvement among donors to address “outliers” among congregations and other nonprofits that are not being financially accountable. By Adelle M. Banks.
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“Terumah takes the religious experience you have in your church or synagogue or mosque anywhere, and opens it up to everybody who may or may not be sitting in that pew,” creator Daniel Tait said.
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Daniel Tait's spare bedroom is headquarters for a new company that's developing a mobile phone app that, if successful, would link users with congregations around the world where they could watch services or concerts in the palm of their hand.
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Church leaders say returning vets need time, attention

(RNS) Denominational leaders and chaplains with years of military service are calling on more churches to find ways to minister to the men and women who have recently returned from Iraq and Afghanistan. By Adelle M. Banks.
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Watchdog group accuses Catholic bishops of campaigning for Romney, asks IRS to investigate

(RNS) A public watchdog group is charging the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops with openly politicking on behalf of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and wants the Internal Revenue Service to explore revoking the hierarchy’s tax-exempt status. By David Gibson.
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Pastors to challenge IRS over political endorsements, and they’re likely to get away with it

LOS ANGELES (RNS) In a matter of days, some 1,400 American pastors are planning to break the law by endorsing a political candidate. And they’re likely to get away with it. By Lilly Fowler.  
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Survey: Economy continues negative effect on churches

(RNS) The economy continues to weigh on pastors, with a new survey showing that nearly two-thirds say it has affected their churches negatively. By Adelle M. Banks.
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Does megachurch ‘high’ explain their success?

(RNS) A new study suggests that megachurch services produce a spiritual and biological “high” that keeps congregants coming back for more. By Chris Lisee.
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Poll: Religious groups divided on gun control, but united against guns in churches

WASHINGTON (RNS) A new poll from the Public Religion Research Institute and Religion News Service finds that Americans are generally divided about gun control, but certain religious groups are far from ambivalent. By Lauren Markoe.
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Court upholds Georgia ban on guns in church

(RNS) A federal appeals court has upheld Georgia’s ban on bringing guns to places of worship. By Adelle M. Banks.
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