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You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

22 Jul

For Immediate Release

In Dr. Bellandra B. Foster's debut book entitled For Love And Money: Seven Guidelines for Achieving Success in Your Home and Business, she explains in seven basic principals how readers can prioritize God, marriage, family and entrepreneurship while maintaining order, success and peace in their own lives.

Dr. Foster outlines how many of us no longer have the job or position that we trusted would be there until retirement. We realize that our current position with any company is no longer safe and stable, but we are sometimes apprehensive of moving into entrepreneurship. However, she explains that entrepreneurship can be successful with the guidance and priority given to us by God.

"The drive to work hard for your purposeful goals is the first step," says Dr. Foster. "Believing you've come too far requires only that you recognize you've got something to offer and that there is a purpose for your existence. My purpose and desires included being a loving wife and mother, but God also placed the desire and ability within me to own my company and assist entrepreneurs in professional business pursuits."

Publisher: Pleasant Word
ISBN: 978-1-4141-1034-9
Edition: First
Pages: 108
Price: $13.99

Pub. Date: April 15, 2008

Meet the Author

Dr. Bellandra B. Foster is the president and principal engineer of BBF Engineering Services, PC. The company is a civil, construction and transportation engineering consulting firm. BBF specializes in road, bridge, facilities and infrastructure construction inspection/engineering, testing, transportation engineering, utility coordination, project management and small business consultation.

Dr. Foster, who founded BBF in 1994 as a sole proprietorship, is a native of Flint, Michigan. She received her bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Michigan State University. She later went on to earn her master's degree in civil engineering from Wayne State University and her doctorate in civil and environmental engineering from Michigan State University.

Dr. Bellandra Foster is a contributing writer to Precious Times Magazine and She has been profiled in Jet, Essence, Black Enterprise and Hope Today Magazines and was a guest on on July 17, 2008. She resides with her husband and two sons in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

To schedule an interview or for more information, contact Bellandra B. Foster at or (248)416-2592. Or contact (248) 426.2300.


To schedule an interview or for more information, contact Bellandra B. Foster at or (248)416-2592. Or contact (248) 426.2300.


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