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World Bishops’ Council (WBC) President Decries Remarks Made by Rev. Jesse Jackson

11 Jul

For Immediate Release

SPRINGFIELD, MA - July 10, 2008 - In a prepared statement released by WBC President, Archbishop Timothy Paul (pictured), from his U.S. office in Springfield, MA, decries the statements made on Good Morning America by Rev. Jesse Jackson toward the Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama on July 9, 2008.

Archbishop Timothy Paul declared a call for an outcry from the religious community. "As religious leaders we must always take the high road concerning the political process in these matters," states Archbishop Timothy Paul.

Additionally, Archbishop Paul states, "Senator Obama and Senator McCain are both running for the highest office in the USA. Members of the religious community, including the U.S. delegation of the WBC, understand the strategies used by the Democratic and Republican Party to secure the votes from the Christian community. Both candidates should be campaigning to be the President for all Americans. To state that Senator Obama is talking down to African Americans because he is not shying away from speaking on the problems which plague the African American community is a continual perpetuation of the problems many African Americans experience."

"During these difficult times where religious leaders are challenged with such issues as climate change, global food shortage, national economic hardships, health care reform, higher standards for education, the world at war and spiritual deficiencies---our focus should be to continue to raise the awareness of all elected officials to address these contemporary issues, which confront all Americans, particularly the African American community. I am an advocate of the Presidential candidates having a discussion on race but not a campaign on race," Paul adds.

Archbishop Timothy Paul, an African American, appeals to bishops and religious leaders to remain vigilant in their cause to be a spiritual conscience to America and to the world we live in.For Immediate Release

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