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What Happens to The Patient If The Caregiver Goes Down

20 Nov

For Immediate Release

Gresham Hill Management

NASHVILLE, Tennessee, November 23, 2012 -  With 65 million Americans serving as a volunteer caregiver for a chronically ill, disabled, or elderly loved one, the need is now greater than ever for experienced individuals to provide leadership and offer practical counsel to those caring for society’s most vulnerable members. The new book, WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES - Surviving and Thriving as a Caregiver, provides a sensible path to a healthier life for caregivers, in order to equip them to more effectively care for the ones they love.

With a focus on "those who push the wheelchair," author/speaker and caregiver, Peter W. Rosenberger, draws upon more than twenty-six years as a caregiver through a medical catastrophe involving 73 operations, multiple amputations, 55 physicians, 12 hospitals, 6 insurance companies, and $9 million in health costs - to share practical tips, Biblical principles, and a smattering of his outrageous humor, in order to equip others to survive and thrive as caregivers.

Practical, compassionate, and reflective of the vast experience Peter brings to this issue.  As baby-boomers rush to senior status, the challenges of caregiving will only increase. Peter’s voice is one of leadership, wisdom, and understanding of this critical topic that will eventually affect all of us.
Dr. Thomas F. Mahan, Mental Health Counselor, Author – Top Drawer Dads

He gets right to the point for the reader whose time is limited. Laurie P. 
Caregiving for a husband with Alzheimer’s’

Peter W. Rosenberger is the president of Standing With Hope - an evangelical prosthetic limb outreach founded by Peter and wife, Gracie. He also has an extensive media, speaking, and writing history where he covers such issues as chronic pain, caregiving, disability, and God's provision in suffering. From opinion pieces on Fox News to the set of the TODAY show, Peter’s thoughts, humor, and passion have connected with vast audiences. Whether in his writings, his live appearances, or his weekly radio show, Peter combines his well-honed sense of humor and practical tips to help those struggling with painful circumstances. With a powerful message of God’s provision, along with an unprecedented grasp of caregiving issues, Peter extends the helping hand of one with experience - to those buckling under the strain of caring for a vulnerable loved one.


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