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U.S. district court paves way for book about what Jesus said in 1965

18 Jun

For Immediate Release

A controversial ruling by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York paves the way for a new book, Spiritual DNA: What Jesus Said, that tells the faith-based path to peace of mind and happiness. The book describes the spiritual characteristics - the DNA - to make that happen, and a thought process for aligning a person's thinking and behavior with God's Will and Word.

According to author Ron Actis, Helen Schucman, an atheist, and a professor of medical psychology at Columbia University, started receiving messages from an inner voice in 1965 which she took down on a stenographers notebook. The voice, she later concluded was Jesus, dictated to her almost daily. She filled more than 30 notebooks over a span of seven years. She gave her transcripts to a foundation because she did not want to be connected with them. The foundation closely controlled them until the court's April 27, 2004 decision released the text to the public domain.

"I condensed the 1200 pages of printed words in Schucman's A Course in Miracles to 360 pages, extracting the core beliefs and identifying the 10 DNA dimensions. However, the words and passages in the text are those of Jesus. I also composed a prayer which captures the essence of the narrative to serve as a daily reminder of what Jesus professed," Actis says. "His statements are so profound that I am convinced no person on earth could have made them up. This is the first time ever that the actual thoughts and words of Jesus have been documented in such a manner, and for such a long period of time. Their authenticity has never been disputed. His words deepen the understanding of the teachings of the parables in the Bible and extend their concepts."

Actis identified the key steps to peace of mind and happiness:

* Live in the moment and the future will take care of itself. Keep negative memories of the past and negative thoughts out of your mind.
* See people as perfect and overlook their faults. Be kind and helpful to them.
* When you sense a negative emotion or thought coming on, immediately think, "What would Jesus think?"
* Seek guidance from the Holy Spirit in you, in how to think and behave.Ron Actis,


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