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The Mormon Moment: A Religion News Service Guide

31 Oct

For Immediate Release

 A Mormon man is battling to become president, a musical based on Mormonism draws overflow crowds on Broadway, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is fast becoming the third largest faith in the United States. But most Americans know little about this homegrown religion. This Religion News Service guide explores questions such as "Are Mormons Christian?" "How might Mormon church leaders influence a Romney presidency?" and "How do Latter-day Saints feel about starring in the so-called Mormon Moment?”

This timely e-book is available both Amazon and Barnes & Noble for just $2.99!

Authors Daniel Burke, Jana Reiss, Peggy Fletcher Stack and Matt Canham take a look at questions raised about this historical time in our country's history.



Daniel Burke

Wendy Gustofson


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