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Teens Talk About God in KidSpirit’s Winter Issue

4 Dec

For Immediate Release

Brooklyn, New York, December 4, 2012 – Proving that no subject is too big for the intrepid young writers and editors of award-winning KidSpirit Magazine, this week marks the launch of KidSpirit’s winter volume: The God Issue.
Teens from diverse backgrounds and religious traditions contribute to this bold and thoughtful issue. One writer describes incorporating science into his religious purview while keeping tenets of his faith, and in the Global Beat, another teen describes learning to live in religious harmony with those of multiple faiths at her Catholic school. A beautiful Awesome Moment captures an experience of the divine, and in the Big Question, a teen addresses a problem posed by the youth-led Editorial Board: “Does Experience Shape Our Understanding of God?”  In Interfaith Connections, a column promoting interfaith dialogue and understanding, teens from a variety of backgrounds—Baha’i, Hindu, mixed religious, and Muslim—explore their developing sense of God.
The Media section features a review of the new feature film, “Life of Pi,” and original teen poetry and artwork further the multi-faceted approach to this theme.

In upcoming articles, rolled out weekly throughout the quarter, a teen interviews Harvard Humanist Chaplain Greg Epstein and Interfaith Youth Core founder Eboo Patel about God and how we create common moral standards with or without a divine influence. In PerSpectives, the only column reserved for an adult contributor, Samir Selmanovic, founder of Faith House Manhattan, and a self-described “Muslim Atheist Jewish Christian,” offers his take on God.

Rarely are youth given an open forum in which to dialogue about their traditions and inner development, particularly in relation to the idea of God. Writers in this issue share their perspectives with clarity and insight, modeling respectful dialogue about life’s deepest questions.


Marika Josephson
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