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Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly Program Listings for May 30, 2008

29 May

For Immediate Release

This week's edition of the PBS newsmagazine program RELIGION & ETHICS NEWSWEEKLY (distributed Friday, May 30 at 5 p.m., check local listings) with guest anchor Kim Lawton will feature the following reports:

* Global Food Aid - Kim Lawton talks with former ambassador and congressman Tony Hall about the moral and ethical issues surrounding the global food crisis.

* Young Nuns - Betty Rollin travels to a Dominican teaching order in Nashville to explore the reasons why a growing number of young women are choosing a life of religious vocation. (Rebroadcast from February 8, 2008)

Web Link:

* Scott Neeson Update - Lucky Severson revisits former Hollywood mogul Scott Neeson in Phnom Penh for a look at how he's expanded his Cambodian Children Fund efforts to provide housing, education - and health care - to kids in need. (Rebroadcast from January 18, 2008)

Web Link:

SPECIAL NOTE: This week on the show's "One Nation: Religion & Politics 2008 Blog" available at , see an extended studio discussion between Kim Lawton and Tony Hall about the global food crisis and the politics of hunger.

To request a transcript of these reports, send an e-mail to or use the Web links listed above.For information, contact:
Lynn Rosenbleeth
Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly


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