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Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly Program Listings for June 6, 2008

6 Jun

For Immediate Release

This week's edition of the PBS newsmagazine program RELIGION & ETHICS NEWSWEEKLY (distributed Friday, June 6 at 5 p.m., check local listings) featuring guest anchor Kim Lawton will feature the following reports:

Alzheimer's Testing: Bob Faw examines the moral and ethical dilemma people face when deciding whether they should be tested for Alzheimer's. (Rebroadcast from December 14, 2007)

Web link:

Circuit Preacher David Brown: Lucky Severson follows Baptist pastor David Brown along on his traveling ministry across state lines to serve churchgoers in Mississippi and Louisiana with no full-time preacher of their own. (Rebroadcast from August 31, 2007)

Web link:

Zen Convert - Jane Smith, a former Roman Catholic, describes her conversion to Zen Buddhism and its spiritual impact on her life.
(Rebroadcast from July 29, 2005)

Web link:

SPECIAL NOTE: This week on the show's "One Nation: Religion & Politics 2008 Blog" available at , Kim Lawton discusses Senator Barack Obama's departure from his longtime church and questions raised about whether candidates and public officials should have a zone of religious privacy.

To request a transcript of these reports, send an e-mail to or use the Web links listed above.

For information, contact:
Mary Schultz
Director of Communications
Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly


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