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President Celebrates Israel’s 60th with Biblical Texts

15 May

For Immediate Release

By the Grace of G-d


Much is being said about President Bush's speech to Israel's Knesset this Thursday. Although major media outlets are focusing on the political aspects of the speech, in an interview with noted Biblical scholar Rabbi Chaim Miller, he suggested focusing on the religious:

"When on April 15th a copy of my translation of the Passover Haggadah was presented to the President [just prior to the Jewish holiday of Passover], it was offered as a symbol of freedom and democracy for all people. As plans were to fly it to our troops stationed in Iraq, the President immediately took out his pen and signed it with the words 'To our troops. May G-d bless you.' From his speech this week, you can see his continued appreciation for Jewish texts and tradition."

In his much touted speech, the President quoted heavily from Biblical sources. "Of special interest," Rabbi Miller notes, "is the statement that Israel is "a light unto the nations that preserves the legacy of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob."

"Originating from several statements in the Book of Isaiah, a fundamental tenant of Judaism is that the instruction G-d gave to the Jewish people was also to benefit all nations of the world. The giving of the Bible at Mount Sinai began a new system of ethics and morality that we are still struggling to promote to this very day."

"As Israel sets its sights on the next 60 years," Miller concludes. "The manual for the future may just be a book some thousands of years old."

About Rabbi Chaim Miller: Insuring that the texts of the Bible serve as a "Light unto the Nations", eight years ago he took on the task of translating the entire Five Books of Moses. What has been termed perhaps the most "readable" and "honest" translation, The Gutnick Edition Chumash is sought after by those who had previously given up on understanding the basic text of The Book.

Inscription and signature of the President on Rabbi Miller's Haggadah.

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