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Nordskog Publishing, Inc. (NPI) announces the re-launch of their website

2 Jul

For Immediate Release

Ventura, CA-July 1, 2008. Jerry Nordskog is not new to the publishing industry having for decades provided sports enthusiasts with Powerboat Magazine (the world's leading performance boating magazine). Nordskog Publishing, Inc.'s newest venture into the Christian publishing industry began barely one year ago when president/owner Jerry Nordskog started publishing "meaty, tasty, and easily digestible theological offerings" for Christian readers.

Jerry now invites you to visit NPI's newly renovated and easy to use website:

The re-designed site displays more information in an easy-to-use format. New offerings to the website are "Jerry's Book Shelf" - just click on the Bookshelf logo to see the recommended approximately 100 "must read" Christian books from other publishers, with more to come. Another page links to the numerous Christian ministries that Nordskog and his publishing company have supported over the years.

In addition to all the titles now published by Nordskog Publishing Inc., special features include News and Events, and the Publisher's Corner. The Publisher's Corner blog site showcases guest essays from prominent Christians, and shares NPI and Nordskog family highlights.

For the Fourth of July, NPI appropriately features The Battle of Lexington: A Sermon and Eyewitness Narrative, patriot pastor Rev. Jonas Clark's biblical defense of the Shot Heard Round the World, and the beginning of America's fight to protect the ancient and God-given rights of liberty (

Webmaster, Brent Nims of Nims Media in Ventura, CA an expert in his field, is credited with the re-design of the site which he originally launched on December 1, 2007.For more information about Nordskog Publishing, Inc.
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