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Muslim Scholars Begin Revision of the Hadith

9 Apr

For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release

Bel Air, MD - The requests of the organizers of the Christian/Muslim Dialogue website, are finally being heard.

Muslim scholars in Ankara, Turkey have begun a massive revision of passages in the Hadith; the Islamic text which offers various interpretations and elaborations of what Muhammad's intended meaning was in various passages of the Quran. That these scholars would take on such an undertaking is extremely exciting as they have given indication that Hadith interpretations regarding violent terrorist attacks and harsh treatment of women are highly suspect and likely to be amended.

In light of this information King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has announced an upcoming dialogue between representatives of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. The King also announced that Saudi Arabia will allow the opening of between 5 and 10 Christian Church congregations within their borders.

A more thorough and complete analysis of the 7 points that we at CM Dialogue are asking them to make in the Hadith can be found at These would include:

  • a different interpretation of the term "infidel"
  • a revision of the Wahabbi text promising 72 virgins to those killing infidels
  • the rights of women
  • Muhammad's endorsement of the Bible as well as the historicity of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ (Isa) and salvation by grace.

At present our only method of contacting these scholars is through meetings that we have had with various clerics as well as through their web site at This site contains a message that we have declined to endorse since we feel that it should be preceded by a denouncement of the teaching in Arab schools that Christians and Jews are actually pigs and apes designed to look human by the devil. However it does give us an open window for discussion and we are thankful for both the web site and the aforementioned revisions of the Hadith.

We are asking people of all faiths to go to their web site, click on the comments section and to express words of thanks and encouragement as well as suggesting that they continue on with these revisions. In addition to their web site, many readers will undoubtedly know Muslims personally as well as how to contact their leadership. If so then please encourage then to move in this direction.

Again, for a more thorough analysis of these proposed revisions as well as our initial September 2006 letter to the leadership of Islam, go to www.cmdialogue.comContact: Howie Gardner


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