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Mother’s Day and Remarkable Women: In Praise of Mothers of the Bible

2 May

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New York - May 2, 2008 - Mother's Day is observing its 100th anniversary this year and this a perfect time to consider the incalculable value of mothers to families and to society. The Bible is filled with the accomplishments and witness of mothers who honored the Lord by devoting themselves to God, as they sacrificed, took risks, experienced heartache and loss, as well as the joy that comes from putting trust and hope in the Lord God.

Sarah and Elizabeth became mothers at an advanced age; Hagar served as a surrogate mother; Naomi became a grandmother following a time of hardship and family distress; Hannah promised that she would dedicate her child to the Lord; the events surrounding the birth and ministry of Jesus show His mother, Mary, at His side; unnamed mothers made bold requests on behalf of their children.

Imagine the opportunities and difficulties they encountered and apply what they did to the opportunities and difficulties we face today. Yes, we can learn much from those who have gone before us in faith. They are our teachers and we can be a blessing to others, just as they were a blessing to their generation.

The American Bible Society has conducted critical research into the importance of parents in the upbringing of children with the poll results proving that children see their parents as their most significant role models. Teens in our unbiased surveys overwhelmingly say that their parents are heroes and that the importance of the Bible and Bible reading in their lives, as well as the value of prayer and worship attendance, is of the highest magnitude. This is because of the example and teaching of their parents.

This also is the record we see in the Bible. Certainly Mary, the mother of our Lord, Jesus, nurtured Him and was with Him all the way to the cross. While her son was crucified, He looked down to His mother and blessed her by looking to her wellbeing,
Two women who are great examples of passing on the gift of faith are Lois and Eunice, the grandmother and mother of Timothy, who then spread the faith throughout his life as a companion of Paul. It was these two women who instilled in Timothy the power of God by who they were and how they lived. Timothy's upbringing was grounded in the Holy Scriptures.

Therefore, on this Mother's Day, let us praise remarkable women of faith-those from Scripture and those we have known face-to-face. It is because of them that we have been brought to a knowledge of life well-lived in the Lord.

Praise God!
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