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In a World Where Walking Is by Faith, Words Provide Sight

27 Nov

For Immediate Release

Port Estillyen Productions

TURNERS, MO (Nov. 27, 2012) – Introducing Messages from Estillyen: A Novel of Redemption and Human Worth ( by William E. Jefferson — a thought-provoking chronicle of a young couple’s search for life’s meaning on an ancient isle that speaks wisdom to the present. Imaginative and entertaining, the novel helps readers grasp the unseen side of life — in a fashion reminiscent of John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress, C. S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters, and William Young’s The Shack. It is a powerful tale of redemption, in which life strives to conquer death.

Messages from Estillyen (Twitter: @estillyen & #estillyen) follows the reflective, yet dynamic, journey of Hollie and Goodwin Macbreeze to the Isle of Estillyen. Caught up in a years-old mystery, the couple unexpectedly find themselves grappling with the meaning of human worth, the surrender of self, and the cleansing nature of forgiveness. Hollie also struggles to accept a recent diagnosis of polycystic kidney disease, for which there is no cure. Through it all, they grow to recognize the life-giving messages words convey — and the extraordinary need for the One perfect medium to embody the singular message of life.

Jefferson weaves a tale of time and eternity that introduces literary monks with names like Epic, Plot, and Saga; a blind dog named Treasure; and a kind, yet elusive, man with a mysterious cane. Through it all, 12 biblical narratives are dramatically unveiled to scrutinize God’s faithfulness, Christ’s incarnation, human doubt, and what it means to center on Christ in the story of salvation. It is truth framed in fiction.

Estillyen is an island where we encounter life’s most sinister bully (Lucifer), ponder the quest for what is “normal,” and are energized by solitude and deep reflection.

It is also where we are offered the opportunity to recapture the power of words:
• “Thoughts are invisible; they need visibility to be transferred. They need apparel; they have to be wrapped in words.”
•  “Words are ancient paths as pillars for the present.”
•  “Christ was the medium and message of God. Christ’s words were so powerful, they told truth what to do.”
• “Never does Satan say what he means or mean what he says.”

This novel that delves into the realms of good and evil, spiritual mystery, and human conscience is also reflective and entertaining, buoyed by Jefferson’s creative ability to turn a phrase. He effortlessly paints a picture of a wind that can “howl across the isle so fierce it can freeze a lightning bolt” and an infirmary that is as “spotless and as quiet as a bath towel stowed away in a wooden cupboard.”

Messages from Estillyen teaches readers that words matter, that the words of Christ matter most, that every human being has innate worth, and that Christ alone is the perfect and divine union of medium and message (in the vein of Marshall McLuhan’s The Medium is the Message) — the ultimate communion of grace.

Eugene Rubingh, ThD, former director of translations for the International Bible Society and liaison to the Committee on Bible Translation for the New International Version Bible, says of Messages from Estillyen, “A magisterial literary phenomenon! Two or more stories transpiring at once. The book formed my vacation week reading and improved the quality of the vacation."

Milind Sojwal, PhD, Rector of All Angels' Church in New York City, says, “Bill is an incredibly articulate, thoughtful, widely-traveled person who brings nuance and grace to his theological musings. He is the kind of guy I would want to read anytime. Literally.”

Claudia Volkman, independent editor, former editor at Tyndale House Publishers, and product development director for Servant Books (Franciscan Media), says, “In my more than 30 years in publishing, I have not edited as imaginative and unique a novel as Messages from Estillyen.”

Messages from Estillyen (Port Estillyen Productions, 2012) is available in printed hardcover (462 pages, introductory price $16.95 [] – a $10 saving from the suggested retail price $26.95), as well as ebook ($9.99), editions (Amazon / Kindle:; Barnes & Noble / Nook:

For a media review copy of Messages from Estillyen and to schedule an interview with William Jefferson, please contact Jonathan Petersen,, 616.322.1712.

About the Author:

William E. Jefferson has had a life-long obsession for the ways that communication — through words, images, and sound — mold and shape people. His career has been devoted to promoting the Bible and its message through communication and creative leadership positions in the American Bible Society, International Bible Society (Biblica), and United Bible Societies. He earned an MTh in Theology and Media from the University of Edinburgh and an MA in Communications from Wheaton Graduate School. His preferred personal moniker is Message Maker. He writes from his home in the Ozarks, where he lives with his wife, Lois, and Border collie, Archie.


Jonathan Petersen


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