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I Am Second Gives Readers Tips On How to “Live Second” 365 Days a Year with New Book

10 Dec

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The concept of living second isn’t easy and requires humility and openness to listen, serve and submit to God’s will, forgiveness and purpose for one’s life. To help individuals understand this, the I Am Second movement is releasing “Live Second: A Daily Guide to Live a God-honoring Life” on Dec. 11. 

“This book is for anyone looking to discover meaning in life, your mission on this planet, or the cure to life’s difficulties,” said “Live Second” author Doug Bender. “You do not need to believe in Jesus to start this journey, but I think you will be challenged by His message before you trek too far. I believe the power of His love, the vastness of His forgiveness and the strength of His presence will inspire you to rethink your relationship with God.”

With 365 readings, prayers and action steps, the book serves as a tool built with truth and scripture that will challenge an individual to picture their life as if Jesus was priority No. 1. No matter one’s faith, “Live Second” will help readers discover the meaning of life by beginning to really live it to the fullest.

Written as a daily encouragement, the book is divided into 12 sessions and 52 weeks. Each chapter ends by challenging individuals to “practice” what they’ve learned and reflect on the words on the pages. In addition, Twitter hashtags are included so people can join other readers of “Live Second” in a socially driven dialogue about the book’s concepts.

Released by Thomas Nelson, “Live Second” is the second book from the I am Second movement. The first, “I am Second: Real Stories, Changing Lives,” was released January 2012 and shares further details of the stories of 22 individuals seen on

Athletes, actors, models, musicians, pastors, politicians and many more have stepped forward, looked in the camera and proclaimed, “I am Second.” But most in the movement are not celebrities; they are ordinary people with stories of personal struggle and transformation.

Launched in Dallas-Fort Worth four years ago, the website and films have reached nearly 24 million people from 219 countries/regions. For more information about I am Second, visit

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EDITOR'S NOTE: For interviews with Doug Bender or a review copy of “Live Second,” contact Kristin Cole at 972.267.1111 or Additional information about I am Second can be found at


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