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“Healing Jesus Crusades” Bring True Restoration Across the Globe

8 Nov

For Immediate Release

Millions find hope in Christ, receive free medical care, while many experience authentic, miraculous healing

Dallas/Fort Worth- Hundreds of thousands pack a field in an African town, some carrying children, most standing with eyes glistening, a few leaning on canes, all attentively focused on the large stage ahead. “Who is this man, the Jesus of the Bible, that they are singing about?” some wonder, and “How can He give me hope and healing?”  

With passion, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills steps up as loud speakers boom his welcoming message of exaltation to God. Simultaneously, a roar of cheers resounds through the crowd and thousands more on surrounding rooftops beam their approval. Over four days, thousands give their lives to Christ. All find healing in their souls from sinful lifestyles or lives of despair, for their eternal destinies. Many experience visible, authentic healing. Unbridled joy abounds as amazing miracles take place.      

This scene is not from a Hollywood movie or from the pages of a fictional novel.  

This was in Dakar, Senegal in July 2012, another life-changing “Healing Jesus” evangelistic campaign took place. Hundreds of thousands come to Christ; a two-day pastors’ conference bolsters the ministry of hundreds of local church leaders; the Healing Jesus Medical Missions Team provides free healthcare and medications to thousands; a huge supply of “Pastor Dag’s” books are distributed seeking to reach as many households as possible; and incredible stories of blessings, hope and healing come pouring in.

Indeed, not only are seven ground-breaking “Healing Jesus Crusades” such as the one in Dakar taking place in the depths of west Africa in 2012, but, since 2004, forty-five of these crusades have resulted in over six million decisions for Christ, both in Africa and other emerging nations across the globe. With six “Healing Jesus Crusades” planned for the remainder of 2012 and twelve for 2013, the momentum continues to soar.

Over the past 20 years, evangelist, pastor and author Dag Heward-Mills has proclaimed the Gospel to millions through a multi-faceted, world-wide ministry. Heward-Mills heads up Lighthouse Chapel International, with close to 1,300 churches in over 60 countries, including 63 churches in 24 U.S. states. Author of  73 books, with millions of copies distributed world-wide in several languages he has inspired a myriad of endeavors—including Bible trainings, schools, a hospital and orphanage, and church leader conferences —all to proclaim Christ.



Diane Morrow


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