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Experience Heaven and Escape the Burden and Worry of these Troubling Times

9 Jun

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June 9, 2008


(Phoenix, Arizona) - How can we escape the worries we all face today with the ongoing war in the Middle East, oil and gas crisis, jobs on the line, Aids, Cancer, the security of a good education for our children, fear of a sustainable retirement, and an impending presidential election involving candidates that test our confidence? How about that ugly word-"grief?" How does one get through the grief journey and come out whole again? With all of this on the forefront of our minds and hearts today, we need an occasional escape-we need a glimpse of Heaven.

What would you do if you could suddenly see beyond this earthly realm, beyond time, beyond space, beyond death, and were shown revelations that changed everything you thought you knew, and everything you believed about the world around you? What would you do if you opened your eyes, and found yourself. . . in the "Third Heaven?"

The Third Heaven, by Sharlane Hoheisel gives an astonishing true account that will make your heart soar with joy and help banish the fear of death. It will bring remarkable peace about those who have gone before you, and bring great healing to those whose hearts are broken. You will see that this all too brief and hard life on this earth will soon be worth it all! This is a beautiful glimpse of the Creator reaching out to those He loves. Escape into a scripturally sound and comforting book, escape into The Third Heaven, available at

"I've spent most of my life believing that heaven was real, but not anymore. Now I know it's real. . . . I realized that not only could I feel Joy and Peace, but also I could actually see and recognize them. . . . they had an actual presence."

About the Author
Sharlane Hoheisel grew up in Idaho, where her parents moved when she was a small child. Her family is originally from Louisiana. She and her husband Tony have traveled and lived all over the United States and now make their home in beautiful Arizona. They have one daughter and three small grandchildren. They attend a local church in Scottsdale. Sharlane is currently writing her next book.

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