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Press Releases Launches “Operation Belly Laugh”

19 Jun

For Immediate Release

LOS ANGELES, CA - June 18, 2008 - Debbie Tenzer, founder of, a website that encourages people to do one nice thing every Monday, announced today: "We are launching 'Operation Belly Laugh' - a project to send comedy DVDs to U.S. service members in Iraq and Afghanistan."

Tenzer said, "Our troops never ask for anything, but recently I received a request from a Chaplain: 'Please send funny movies.' Our service members need a break - a laugh break - and we can give it to them. It's the one thing they're asking for."

Many service members have laptops and like to watch movies during their down time. They have requested any film that is humorous: the Marx Brothers to Steve Martin, Mel Brooks to Eddie Murphy, and everything in-between. There's nothing like laughter to help a person relax.

"For a few dollars we can send our troops on mini-vacations into the worlds of Austin Powers, Young Frankenstein and Beverly Hills Cop. It's a fun way for us to send some love from home, and it's also an opportunity to teach children about gratitude. Kids can make colorful thank-you notes to send with our DVDs," Tenzer added.

Mail DVDs to: Operation Belly Laugh, Do One Nice Thing, 149 South Barrington Avenue, #279, Los Angeles, CA 90049-3310. Do One Nice Thing will send all the films to Chaplains in Iraq and Afghanistan for distribution to service members.

Note: Used DVDs in good condition are fine as long as they are in their original boxes. Downloads or pirated copies will not be accepted. Please do not send videotapes as VCRs are not available.

A uniter, not a divider, calls itself a "kindness project" and embraces people of all denominations and views. Each Monday the website offers an easy "nice thing" suggestion. The site also shines the spotlight on exceptionally kind people. The website invites visitors to email their own "nice thing" ideas and names and photos of kind people, which are then posted. encourages people to extend the holiday spirit all year long and believes that little things we do can make the world a lot nicer.

Founded in June 2005 in Los Angeles by Debbie Tenzer, the website has members in more than 85 countries. Debbie is available for interviews. Contact: dtenzer@DoOneNiceThing.comFor release 6/19/08
Contact: Debbie Tenzer


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