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CEO and nonprofit guru John Pearson unveils 20 critical core competency “buckets”

16 Jul

For Immediate Release

CEO and nonprofit guru John Pearson unveils 20 critical core competency "buckets" every church and nonprofit organization must master to achieve their mission-on time and under budget-even in this economy!

Los Angeles, Calif. - The U.S. economy is creating havoc, resulting in new challenges for every church, nonprofit organization and business across the country. Will the gas crisis affect church attendance? If giving drops-will churches and organizations be scrambling to keep their best people? Will smaller teams, younger managers and limited budgets and resources still produce top results?

With 30 years of nonprofit CEO experience and 25 years leading three faith-based associations, including Christian Management Association and Willow Creek Association, John Pearson has created an innovative management system for churches, nonprofit organizations and businesses. Pearson's groundbreaking insights are revealed in Mastering the Management Buckets: 20 Critical Competencies for Leading Your Business or Nonprofit (Regal Books, June 2008).

Pearson has created a different kind of "bucket list." This one eliminates bureaucratic chaos and strengthens organizations. Each "bucket" represents a core competency in one of three arenas: Cause, Community and Corporation (the three-legged stool of a balanced leadership philosophy and theology). Each bucket includes two to six specific action steps to achieve the competency.

"Without a knowledge of all 20 competencies," says Pearson, "You'll fall victim to 'I don't know what I don't know' business-decision disasters." While 20 buckets seems overwhelming, Pearson teaches that it's the responsibility of the team-not an individual-to collectively master the core competencies to reach its maximum potential.

In Mastering the Management Buckets, Pearson provides helpful charts for illustration and application. He also offers "To-Do" lists at the end of each chapter so pastors, leaders and managers can develop easy-to-implement action plans. Pearson addresses:

* 7 Dysfunctional Delegation Diseases: How to appropriately get the "monkey" off your back and delegate to the strengths of your team members (The Delegation Bucket).
* Conflict in the office: How to minimize disharmony by focusing on the four social styles and the Top-5 strengths of each team member (The People Bucket).
* Creating a "Hoopla!" environment: How to create a culture that attracts people. "When someone quits, they leave a manager, not a company," says Pearson. (The Hoopla Bucket)
* Affirming 5-10 "S.M.A.R.T." annual goals for each employee: How to help your people self-assess their performances every single day at 5 p.m. (The Results Bucket).
* Disconnecting from the 24/7 Job: How to leave work and the expectations of your boss at the office-without guilt (The Team Bucket).
* Overcoming productivity obstacles: How to create memorable and shorter meetings by focusing on accountability and results (The Meetings Buckets).

Leaders and readers will discover how to execute their organization's vision, focus on results and lead from their strengths. Mastering the Management Buckets is part resource library, part filing system and part toolbox.

Dennis Bakke, author of Joy at Work, says the book is "a perfect balance between Biblical wisdom and a Harvard MBA."

To complete the Management Buckets Self-Assessment, sign up for Pearson's Management Buckets Workshop or his Monday morning eNewsletter, Your Weekly Staff Meeting, visit

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Mastering the Management Buckets:
20 Critical Competencies for Leading Your Business or Nonprofit

By John Pearson

Publisher: Regal Books
Release Date: June 3, 2008
Category: Business & Economics/Leadership

ISBN (13): 978-0-8307-4594-4
Price: $19.99 US
Format: Jacketed HardcoverFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

Contact: Ben Laurro, Pure Publicity
818.753.4056 or


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