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Celestial Torah Christianity: A brand new post-Abrahamic Christian theology

15 Nov

For Immediate Release

Just when everyone thought there was nothing new under the sun along comes The Aquariana Key, a new book  by Stephen Michael Lewis about his astonishing spiritual journey as a modern Christian mystic and prophesy bearer in the old time Jewish prophesy bearing tradition. Fitting religious prophesy bearing tradition the author of The Aquariana Key is a Christian of Jewish ancestry and like his ancestors before him he announces grave warnings of the coming End Times to many established religious traditions including both Judaism and Pauline Christianity. But also in the Jewish prophet tradition Stephen gives a brand new religious vision that will lift Celestial Torah Christianity out of the End Times fate in store for Pauline Christian theology.

Stephen Michael Lewis has rediscovered the Celestial Torah's original meaning which was lost in the Jewish priesthoods when they abandoned the linkage of celestial events with earthly ones. In short, the Celestial Torah was lost when “As above, so below” became a discarded religious-philosophical system to the Judeo-Christian priesthoods who feared competition from professional astrologers like the Magi. Now the Celestial Torah has been reclaimed for all humanity because it was always meant for all humankind as it contains the essential spiritual root of the Messiah-Christ Anointed One theological system that actually is far older than either Judaism or Christianity. Stephen has traced its origins back over 4000 years in the astrological iconography of the ancient Sumerians, Babylonians, and Egyptians. This is the most remarkable revelation of The Aquariana Key book and is the foundation of Celestial Torah Christianity, a Christian astro-theology that is pure and unpolluted by any earthly religious priesthood bent on turning spiritual revelation into weapons of religious warfare. Stephen Michael Lewis, the author of The Aquariana Key, is a unique voice in the history of religious visionaries. He is the first polymath prophet of God on record and as you will discover in his website, Visions of Eutopia, Stephen has been an activist all his adult life in his dedication and service to God and humanity. Some believe Stephen Michael Lewis is the most powerful Christian visionary of the 20th and 21st Centuries. To find out why and to see what prophesy bearing looks like in the 20th and 21st Centuries, please go to: and follow the links to the book, The Aquariana Key,



Steve Lewis


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