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Cancer Recovery Foundation’s Call for Prayer

12 May

For Immediate Release

National Resource and Training Center
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Harrisburg, PA 17112

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For Release
May 12, 2008

Sunday, June 1 is National Cancer Survivors Day. On that day and throughout the month of June Cancer Recovery Foundation invites the nation to pray for all those who have been affected by cancer. Cancer has touched the lives of people everywhere. That is why Cancer Recovery Foundation is calling for everyone to join in an effort to share a common hope for God's grace and healing to be evident in the lives of everyone living with this disease. People are encouraged to visit to share their prayers.

Cancer Recovery Foundation also calls on all places of worship to make time during the month of June to include in their worship services a public prayer for those living with cancer. This is a call for communities of faith to lift their voices and open their spirits to the working of a power beyond themselves to help bring wholeness and renewed life to all God's children who live with cancer.

Cancer Recovery Foundation is dedicated to serving the human welfare of the five million patients worldwide who are diagnosed with life-threatening cancer each year. Its programs are designed to optimally support medical treatment while providing a strategy for getting well and staying well . . . physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Cancer Recovery Foundation has offices in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France and Germany. In addition, the organization has served missionary hospitals in Eastern Europe, Africa, South America and the Philippines.

For more information or to partner with and donate to Cancer Recovery in this effort please call 800-238-6479 or visit

A Prayer for Those Living with Cancer

Healing God,

All of us know people who have been touched by cancer.
Sometimes it's been those closest to our hearts.
Often it's been a neighbor, a co-worker or someone in the congregation.
On occasion, it's been us.

It has affected and changed the lives of every family among us.

When we look around we can name so many who have felt the pain of cancer's grip.

As a family of faith, a community of believers,
we lift our voices together on this day to announce our hope that with every new day before us there will be better news about this disease in our midst.

We pray for those who will be diagnosed, to find strength to deal with the
We pray for those who are making difficult decisions, to find guidance and
We pray for those who are feeling weak and who don't know if they can go
on, to find strength and encouragement.
We pray for those who are anxious, lonely or scared, to find reassurance
that they are in your caring hands and not left to face this alone.
We pray for those who are in healing professions, to find the wisdom and
direction they need to help bring renewed life to those they serve.
We pray for those who give care at home, to find the compassion,
understanding and energy they need to support those they know and

Most of all, we pray for everyone living with cancer to know the tremendous
power of your healing love.
We ask that encouragement and hope be with them intimately on this journey.
Uplift them.
Bring peace to them.
Carry them.
Deliver them.
Let them know that they can triumph. Instill in them a spirit that is
positive and that strives for survival.

Bring the truth to them that will bless them and set them free to live well and to place their lives in you.

In your good and gracious name we pray. Amen.
More Information Contact:
Rev. Michael Gingerich
(717) 545-7600


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