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Book Advances Solutions to Creation’s Riddles, Greater Purpose to Bible Stories

4 Dec

For Immediate Release

Lexington, KY – Dec. 4, 2012 – For what reason does the Bible specify the years from Adam to Moses as he enters the Land of Promise? “Those mind-numbing ‘begats’ are actually an essential key to grasping Creation … and several major portions of the Bible,” says Georgann Chenault, author of Biblical Creation: An Illustrated Autobiography. “This book introduces findings from 27 years of research. It’s about discoveries, not personal theories. And although sales would be nice, I’m really hoping to attract some heavy researchers or theologians with its publication.”

Released earlier this year, Ms. Chenault’s book displays the Bible’s account of Creation through very precise, computer generated diagrams. Drawing primarily upon numbers from the Bible’s earliest pages, Ms. Chenault takes “her readers through a breathtaking step-by-step process of her well studied journey” (Caring Magazine, The Salvation Army).

There is an eerily perfect fit with the scripturally derived lines and angles. Such precision mandates a view that it has extraordinary purpose and ultimately confirms itself. “These findings may forever change some opinions of the Bible because it shows that the text was intended to be viewed also as useful data, establishing a purpose parallel to that of the stories as lessons in ethics.”

A most startling component is the genealogy of Jesus through Mary as outlined in Luke 3. “It matches segments of the overall Creation plan diagram far too precisely to be coincidence.”  The graphics also lend to interesting explanations of the flood of Noah and the dividing of the earth at the time of Peleg.

“God has chosen the computer age for us to see how the Bible’s text forms these pattern-specific diagrams. Short of wearing a sandwich board in front of seminaries, I’m doing all that I can to attract the best theological minds to posit answers as to ‘why’ and ‘what for’.”

When asked what the diagrams in the book might accomplish, she responded, “There is a big shoe about to drop. The Bible’s diagrams may be to help us prepare.”

Recognized religion writers, religion researchers and seminary heads are provided with a link to a free PDF version upon email requests. Her e-Book is available in Apple’s iBookstore and Amazon’s Kindle store. The iPad and Kindle Fire allow readers to enlarge the most complex illustrations to view details. Direct links are at


Georgann Chenault


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