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Audio Bible Ministry Now Offers 311 Languages

11 Aug

For Immediate Release

Faith Comes By Hearing, the foremost Audio Bible ministry, recently released Audio New Testament recordings in 15 more languages.

The following languages are now available for ministry efforts around the world and online:

  • Aceh - Indonesia
  • Alladian - Cote de Ivoire
  • Bali - Indonesia
  • Dagara - Burkina Faso
  • Gude - Nigeria
  • Gourmanchéma - Burkina Faso
  • Mbundu - Angola
  • Mofu-Gudur - Cameroon
  • Ixil de Nebaj - Guatemala
  • Nias - Indonesia
  • Pijin - Solomon Islands
  • Quechua Huaylas Ancash - Peru
  • Quechua Southern Conchucos - Peru
  • Ronga (Xhirhonga) - Mozambique
  • Woun Meu - Panama

From their website,, visitors can download these new recordings or any of Faith Comes By Hearing's other recordings.

These new offerings, which represent more than 13.1 million people on three continents, bring the total number of Audio New Testaments available in 311 languages.

"God's Word is going forth to the nations, reaching those with the least access - namely those too poor to afford a Bible and those who can not, will not or choose not to read," said Jerry Jackson, the ministry's president and founder.

Estimates show that more than three billion people are unable to read. For example, in Peru, Quechua Huaylas is spoken by about 300,000 people. This language is used extensively in home, work, business and social environments, but less than five percent of the people can read their own language.

Jackson said these statistics and figures highlight the importance and urgency of making the Bible available in audio to every person in every culture.

"There's such a need and a hunger for God's Word in audio," said Jackson, reflecting on this 300 language milestone.

"This milestone is a testimony to the eternal life of God's Word and shows that the Bible continues to be the most sought after book in the world," he said. "It is sobering to be allowed to make His Word in audio available to every person in the world free of charge."

"When we recorded our first audio drama version, it was word-for-word, which we did to make God's Word more interesting," Jackson said. "This caught the attention of mission leaders around the world, and pretty soon we were overwhelmed with requests to record the Bible in dozens and then hundreds of languages."

Faith Comes By Hearing's goal is to record Audio Bibles in 2,000 languages by 2016, reaching 97 percent of the world's population.

Jackson said his hope is that others share the call of this heart-language ministry, which is to bring unity to God's church and disciple people with the Bible in audio.

"Continue to pray for us and those working around the world. Continue to support this ministry as we take on new languages, new challenges and new technologies," he said.

To learn more about what God is doing through Audio Bible ministry efforts, visit D. Wilke
Faith Comes By Hearing


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