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22 Oct

Nature’s I.Q.: A New Documentary On Nature, Science and Spirituality

Submitted by Krisztina Danka, PhD.

Insects, birds and mammals carry out most of their behavior in a predetermined, instinctive way. But where do their mysterious, complicated behavioral patterns come from? Nature’s I.Q.: Extraordinary Animal Behavior, a book by two young Hungarian scholars, Istvan Tasi and Balazs Hornyanszky, pub... More

22 Oct

Mormons To Become Largest Church In The World: Researcher

Submitted by Mark Koltko-Rivera

NEW YORK CITY—The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS, informally ‘the Mormons’) is on track to become the largest church both in the United States and in the world at large, and the second-largest religious body in the world, with well over two billion members, during the next hundre... More

19 Oct

Responsibility and Accountability are Prerequisites for Bringing Congregations “Back from the Dead” says Keucher

Submitted by Bill Falvey

Almost everywhere throughout the greater church are unsustainable trends — endowments are being depleted, building maintenance deferred, congregations are aging and dwindling, and budgets are too far out of whack. And although there is much literature on what to do to grow congregations, lit... More

17 Oct

St. Vladimir’s Seminary’s Children’s Book Garners Gold Medal Moonbeam Award

Submitted by Deborah Belonick

St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press (SVS Press)— the publishing arm of St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary in Yonkers, NY—has garnered a gold medal for its storybook, Saint George & the Dragon, written by Jim Forest and illustrated in iconographic style by Vladislav Andrejev. SVS Press & Bookst... More

17 Oct

Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly Listings—October 19

Submitted by Lindsey Bernstein

Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly Listings—October 19 Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly is a production of THIRTEEN for WNET. Visit for additional information. Show #1607 is fed over PBS on Friday, October 19 at 5:00 p.m. (check local listings). • None of the Above:  Politi... More

17 Oct

Presbyterians Respond to Criticism of Foreign Aid to Israel

Submitted by Rev. John Wimberly

A few weeks ago, a controversial letter was sent to members of the U.S. Congress from a group of American church officials, including the Rev. Gradye Parsons, Stated Clerk of the Presbyterian General Assembly. This letter has generated widespread criticism among many Presbyterians, members of ot... More

17 Oct

Three weeks after Eben Alexander’s book, Proof of Heaven, hits the shelves, a genuine trailblazer in the field of afterlife science will be released, The Last Frontier, by Julia Assante PhD.

Submitted by Julia Assante

In his book, Proof of Heaven, neurosurgeon Eben Alexander describes his sensational near-death experience. Before it, he believed that NDEs are brain-based illusions. After it, he made an about-face. He is now convinced that his journey proves the existence of heaven. For most people a book abou... More

17 Oct

Next Week: New Survey Explores Complexity of Catholics, Religiously Unaffiliated in 2012 Elections

Submitted by Shannon Craig Straw

New insights on Americans’ views on health care, contraception, taxes and government entitlement programs WASHINGTON — Two weeks before the election, the Public Religion Research Institute will release its annual American Values Survey, providing a unique and comprehensive look at the values and... More

16 Oct

Faith And Reason Are In A Fight And Faith Is Losing.

Submitted by Publisher, Duomo Press

Faith and reason are in a fight and faith is losing. The book When the Enlightenment Hit the Neighborhoods: The Waning of the Catholic Tradition - and Hope for Its Future looks at why the traditional, authority-based way of doing faith has collapsed and what we can do about it. Only fifteen pe... More

15 Oct

Fifty Shades of Grey Meets 50 Shades of Reality

Submitted by Pamela McClure

When Does Sexual Fantasy Cross the Line From Healthy to Harmful? NASHVILLE, TENN -- The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy is still topping bestseller lists as film pre-production begins this month.  And these healthy book sales have also fueled the sale of whips, chains, and other BDSM-related paraph... More

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