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84-year-old nun gets 35 months for breaking into nuclear facility

(RNS) An 84-year-old nun was sentenced to nearly three years in prison on Tuesday (Feb. 18) for breaking into a Tennessee nuclear facility in July 2012.     Sister Megan Rice and two other anti-nuclear activists were convicted last May of breaking into a federal complex that stores enriched uranium.     ``Please have no leniency on me. To remain in prison for...
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Why religious conservatives want the Supreme Court to consider other nations in its same-sex marriage ruling (COMMENTARY)

(RNS) Conservatives have often criticized the liberal wing of the Supreme Court for considering the decisions of foreign courts when interpreting the U.S. Constitution. But on the issue of same-sex marriage, conservatives who want the court to exercise judicial restraint in redefini...
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Islamic State’s sophisticated recruiting campaign poses persistent threat in U.S.

WASHINGTON — The arrests of six Minnesota men accused earlier this month of attempting to join the Islamic State group, highlights an unprecedented marketing effort being waged by the militant group in Iraq and Syria, U.S. law enforcement officials and terror analysts said. It’s a...
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Faith leaders call for religious protections ahead of gay marriage hearing

(RNS) As the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to hear arguments on Tuesday (April 28) that could wind up legalizing gay marriage nationwide, dozens of Christian leaders have issued a call to civil authorities to preserve “the unique meaning of marriage in the law” — but also to “protect...
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Activists demand Obama appoint envoy for persecuted Middle Eastern Christians

WASHINGTON (RNS) Beheadings, enslavement, kidnappings and rape plague minority religious communities across the Middle East, and it’s time for President Obama to fill a job created to address their plight, a group of prominent evangelicals, scholars and other religious leaders told...
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What the Polish president could have said about his country’s Holocaust complicity (COMMENTARY)

(RNS) The director of the FBI stepped in it. Or did he? Last week, James B. Comey delivered a speech at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in which he said the murderers and accomplices of Germany, Poland and Hungary “convinced themselves it was the right thing to do, the thing...
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Will the PBS series ‘Wolf Hall’ tarnish St. Thomas More’s halo?

(RNS) Sir Thomas More loses his head in this Sunday’s episode (April 26) of the acclaimed PBS historical drama, “Wolf Hall,” which is not much of a spoiler since that’s what infamously happened to More in 1535 at the hands of King Henry VIII. The real suspense now is whether More...
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On eve of anniversary, Turkey’s ‘cultural genocide’ of Armenian history is ongoing

YUKARI BAKRACLI, Turkey (RNS) This tiny Kurdish village outside the city of Van in Turkey’s southeast is home to the ruins of a once-famous 11th-century Armenian Christian monastery. Known to Armenians as Varagavank, it thrived as a place of worship until Turkish forces looted it...
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Gay marriage fight centers around what’s best for the kids

WASHINGTON — It is perhaps the most controversial component of the national debate over same-sex marriage: Who should raise children? The judge who wrote the decision upholding gay-marriage bans in four Midwest states gave at least some same-sex couples a shout-out last fall, even...
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Christians thrown overboard by Obama (COMMENTARY)

What do you call it when 12 men are drowned at sea for praying to Jesus? Answer: Religious persecution. Yet, when a throng of Muslims threw a dozen Christians overboard a migrant ship traveling from Libya to Italy, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi missed the opportunity to label it a...
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To move beyond abortion stalemate, reporters must ask tough questions (COMMENTARY)

(RNS) When Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul was asked about abortion in the tough cases of rape and incest, he volleyed back a question to Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Does she support the “killing” of a “seven-pound baby that is not...
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