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84-year-old nun gets 35 months for breaking into nuclear facility

(RNS) An 84-year-old nun was sentenced to nearly three years in prison on Tuesday (Feb. 18) for breaking into a Tennessee nuclear facility in July 2012.     Sister Megan Rice and two other anti-nuclear activists were convicted last May of breaking into a federal complex that stores enriched uranium.     ``Please have no leniency on me. To remain in prison for...
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Why the post-racial label only perpetuates racism (COMMENTARY)

(RNS) The shooting of Michael Brown and the failure of a grand jury to indict the shooter, Darren Wilson, are symptoms of a wider malaise. It is part of a deep-seated illness that infects our body politic: racism. The sad reality is that so many people believe we live in a post-...
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Note to Netanyahu: Don’t make American Jewish life harder (COMMENTARY)

(RNS) There is a recurring segment on “The Jimmy Fallon Show” in which the comedian writes sarcastic thank you notes, accompanied by soft music. If world Jewry could adopt Jimmy Fallon’s practice, this week’s installment would go something like this: “Thank you, Prime Minister Netan...
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Can a nation so wounded by its divisions survive? (COMMENTARY)

(RNS) For those of a certain age, Thanksgiving week will always be the week President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. In the same way, Sept. 11 will be the day terrorists brought religious extremism to American shores. Families have memories; schools, towns and state...
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Ferguson pastors urge peace after grand jury doesn’t indict

Eds: A version of this story originally appeared in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in St. Louis. It is available for use by RNS subscribers. Please use the St. Louis Post-Dispatch byline. ST. LOUIS (RNS) Like so many others Monday (Nov. 24) night, the congregants at West Side Mission...
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Pope Francis urges Europeans to reject ‘throwaway culture’

STRASBOURG, France (RNS) Pope Francis on Tuesday (Nov. 25) urged European leaders to reject a “throwaway culture” that treats people like “cogs in a machine”  too easily discarded through abortion and euthanasia. In a highly critical address amid tight security, the pope called fo...
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Sorry, Mr. President. You’re wrong on Exodus and immigration (COMMENTARY)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (RNS) President Obama is drawing on Exodus 23:9 to make his case for shielding millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation: “You shall not oppress a stranger; you know the heart of a stranger, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.” Some object, but...
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Kenyan city of Mombasa tense after mosque closures

NAIROBI, Kenya (RNS) Christian and Muslim leaders fear more violence in the coastal city of Mombasa after the government indefinitely closed four mosques over suspected terror activities. On Friday (Nov. 21), religious and political leaders united to urge the government to reopen...
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Evangelicals a mixed bag on Obama’s immigration move

WASHINGTON (RNS) While Republican leaders blast President Obama for taking executive action on immigration reform, some prominent evangelical leaders are welcoming the president’s plans to keep about 5 million undocumented immigrants from being deported. Evangelicals are a key vot...
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Austrian bill would ban foreign funding for mosques, imams

VIENNA (RNS) Austria’s Muslim community is incensed over the government’s plans to amend the country’s century-old law on Islam. The new bill, championed by Minister for Foreign Affairs and Integration Sebastian Kurz, forbids foreign funding of mosque construction or of imams work...
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Boston grieves rabbi killed in Jerusalem synagogue

Eds: A version of this story originally appeared in USA Today. It is available for use by RNS subscribers. Please use the USA Today byline. SWAMPSCOTT, Mass. (RNS) When word spread that Boston native Moshe Twersky was among four Jewish men murdered Tuesday (Nov. 18) in a Jerusalem...
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