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Rejoice School of Ballet

Adelle Banks, Religion News Service's production editor and national reporter, visited the Rejoice School of Ballet, a faith-based nonprofit in Nashville, Tenn., during a November multimedia boot camp with the Freedom Forum's Diversity Institute.  Video by Adelle Banks
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Why did the pope’s Christmas book cause such a stir?

Our own Vatican correspondent Alessandro Speciale talks with State of Belief Radio about why the pope's new book about Jesus' birth and childhood has caused such a stir
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Moral Wounds of War

Happy days in Roswell, New Mexico, as soldiers in a National Guard engineer company deployed in Afghanistan come marching home. For some, unless they get called back the war is over. For others, it’s only begun.  Video courtesy Religion & Ethics Newsweekly
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None of the Above: Who are they?

The first of a new three-part series produced by Religion & Ethics Newsweekly called “None of the Above”, which is about the fast-rising number of people in this country who say they have no affiliation with any particular religion. According to a new survey released this week by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life in partnership with this program, that number is now the highest it’s ever been in any previous Pew polling.
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Sukkot: A Jewish Tradition

 Video courtesy Religion & Ethics Newsweekly RABBI JAMES MICHAELS (Hebrew Home of Greater Washington): The Book of Leviticus tells us that we should remember that God allowed us to live in temporary shelters, the sukkah, when we lived in the desert for forty years. We lived in booths knowing that we were going to move from place to place. Not necessarily every day but certainly from...
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Vietnamese Catholics in the US

Father Basil Doan is the pastor of two Catholic churches in this rural stretch of western Missouri. Several times a week, he makes the 50-mile round trip between his parishes along these quiet country roads.
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Sephardic High Holy Days

RABBI JOSHUA MAROOF (Magen David Sephardic Congregation in Rockville, Maryland): Selichot literally means prayers for forgiveness and this tradition is a very ancient one it goes back at least a thousand years if not more.
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Religious Reactions to Anti-US Protests in the Muslim World

Host Bob Abernethy, Kevin Eckstrom (Editor-in-Chief, Religion News Service) and Kim Lawton (Managing Editor, Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly) discuss Religious Reactions to Anti-US Protests in the Muslim World.  Video courtesy Religion & Ethics Newsweekly
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Faith in the Five Boroughs Video: I Call Her La Flaca

Arely Gonzalez has built what she believes to be the largest shrine to La Santa Muerte in New York.  Gonzalez opens her doors to all devotees, so that they may seek her saint’s protection and comfort.  Video courtesy Faith in the Five Boroughs
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Coalition of African American Pastors Hold Press Conference Opposing Obama on Gay Marriage

Coalition of African American Pastors Hold Press Conference Opposing Obama on Gay Marriage.  Video courtesy Coalition of African-American Pastors
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Sikhs described as peaceful, non-violent people

People gathered early Sunday at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin to meditate on God and to serve others — key requirements of their religion.
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