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With Petraeus, echoes of that other warrior David

(RNS) It’s tempting to view the sex scandal surrounding former Gen. David Petraeus through a religious lens. Even before his fall from grace, some Pentagon colleagues compared Petraeus to the biblical King David - another proud and powerful warrior. By Daniel Burke. 
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Church leaders say returning vets need time, attention

(RNS) Denominational leaders and chaplains with years of military service are calling on more churches to find ways to minister to the men and women who have recently returned from Iraq and Afghanistan. By Adelle M. Banks.
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Family Research Council hires controversial former Army officer, Jerry Boykin

(RNS) The conservative Family Research Council has named a former top Delta Force commando and outspoken culture warrior, retired Army Lt. Gen. William G. "Jerry" Boykin, to run its day-to-day operations. By David Gibson.
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Debate reignites over religion at Air Force Academy

 (RNS) Debate has reignited at the Air Force Academy over the proper place of religion as fresh cadets arrived for basic training in Colorado Springs, Colo. By Chris Lisee.
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House GOP moves to act on religion in vets’ funerals

WASHINGTON (RNS) A proposed House bill would spell out families' rights to religious expression at military funerals while curtailing the government’s role. By Chris Lisee.
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