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Topics: Ethics, Death & Dying
Beliefs: Interfaith
Tags: history, survivor, titanic

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Group says ‘Titanic’ film gets ‘women and children first’ doctrine all wrong

(RNS/ENInews) A Texas-based Christian ministry says James Cameron's 1997 film still delivers a decidedly un-Christian message: That "class warfare" aboard the doomed Titanic resulted in the disproportionate deaths of poor, female and young passengers. By Ron Csillag.
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COMMENTARY: Pride goeth before a sail

(RNS) Before we get swept up in romanticized versions of the tragedy of the Titanic 100 years ago, we need to remember what really happened and recall the biblical words of Proverbs: "Pride goes before destruction." By A. James Rudin.
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Film traces real-life story of abortion ‘survivor’

(RNS) A new movie confronts a controversial topic by highlighting two words that don't typically go together: abortion and survivor. By Annalisa Musarra. 475. With photos.
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