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Poll: Most Americans don’t mind religious athletes

(RNS) A new study shows that fewer than one in five Americans is bothered by expressions of religious faith from athletes both on and off the field. By Jeanie Groh.
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Q&A on Tim Tebow’s gridiron faith

(RNS) Michael Butterworth of Bowling Green State University talks about how sports media coverage of evangelical Christian and New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow seldom treads beyond a “nice guy” image to delve into his faith. By Adelle M. Banks.
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Texas cheerleaders clamor for G-O-D at football games

(RNS) Cheerleaders at an East Texas high school are fighting their school district's orders to stop using Bible quotes on their signs at football games. By Kimberly Winston.
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GUEST COMMENTARY: Why the war on Christian athletes gesturing to God?

(RNS) Why should religious leaders, of all people, turn their fire on celebrities who use their popularity for public proclamations of the Almighty's power? By Michael Medved.
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Tim Tebow brings a little goodness to Gotham

NEW YORK (RNS) Tim Tebow is Howdy Doody in a helmet, Opie Taylor running for touchdowns -- while reciting Bible verses, stopping to find a lost dog, visiting sick children in a hospital and helping a little old lady across the street, all before he reaches the end zone. By Kevin Manahan.
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