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Topics: Politics, Election
Beliefs: Christian - Catholic
Tags: georgetown university, health and human services, kathleen sebelius

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Professor Jacques Berlinerblau tells atheists: Stop whining!

(RNS) Georgetown University professor Jacques Berlinerblau has a prescription for what ails atheism in America: stop whining about religion and build coalitions to reclaim "secularism" from the religious right. By Kimberly Winston.
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Paul Ryan, Joe Biden: A tale of two Catholics

(RNS) Vice president Joe Biden sits to the left of Catholic doctrine on abortion and other life issues. Fellow Catholic Paul Ryan, the newly minted GOP vice presidential candidate, sits to the right of his church on fiscal policy. If the 2012 presidential campaign proves anything, it's that there is no perfect Catholic politician. By Daniel Burke.
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Supreme Court health care defeat may be a win for religious opposition

(RNS) Supporters of President Obama’s health care reform law celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision upholding the landmark legislation, but they may want to keep the corks in their champagne bottles. By David Gibson.
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Religious leaders ask HHS to broaden birth control exemption

(RNS) A coalition of nearly 150 religious leaders, led by conservative Protestants, have petitioned the Obama administration to broaden the exemption that allows churches and some religious organizations to avoid the controversial policy mandating that all health care insurers provide free contraception coverage. By David Gibson.
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Catholic groups file suit over HHS birth control mandate

(RNS) Dozens of Catholic universities, dioceses and other institutions filed lawsuits on Monday (May 21) to overturn the Obama administration’s contraception mandate plan, a clear and coordinated effort to oppose the new federal mandate. By David Gibson.
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