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GUEST COMMENTARY: What Catholics can learn from the Quran

(RNS) As a Catholic who spent the month of Ramadan reading the Quran, I found the Quran inspiring me, teaching me and helping me to remember my essential holiness and how that holiness in the image of God should be reflected in the world. By Kathleen K. Duff.
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Muslims Brace For Tense Holiday

(RNS) Following attacks on seven mosques in the last two weeks, many Muslim Americans will mark the end of Ramadan this weekend under a cloud of fear. Their leaders aren't sure how to promote safety without provoking panic. By Omar Sacirbey.
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Jews, Sikhs, Hindus root for fellow believers in Olympics

(RNS) Members of minority faith communities in the U.S. -- Jews, Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs -- are rooting for U.S. Olympians and also saving a few extra cheers for their co-religionists, both Americans and athletes from other teams. By Omar Sacirbey.
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COMMENTARY: Olympics’ religious roots

(RNS) I don't believe the Olympics should be a religion, but I also don't think athletic competition should be completely secular. Sports and religion belong together because health involves both body and soul. By Henry G. Brinton.
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Muslim group, CAIR, regains tax-exempt status

(RNS) The Council on American-Islamic Relations, a national Muslim civil rights group that has frequently drawn fire from conservatives, has regained its tax-exempt status. By Bob Smietana. 
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