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Jews push back against Scouts over policy banning gays

NEW ORLEANS (RNS) For nearly a decade, hundreds of Boy Scouts have learned the virtues of the Ten Commandments on an annual hike to local churches, synagogues and mosques. But this year, Touro Synagogue says it's no longer willing to take part because the Scouts deny membership to gay troop leaders and gay adolescent Scouts. By Bruce Nolan.
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Archbishop who oversaw nuns probe transferred to Indianapolis

VATICAN CITY (RNS) An American prelate who played a key role in trying to bridge the gap between Rome and U.S. nuns was transferred to Indianapolis only two years after taking up his Vatican post. By Alessandro Speciale.
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ANALYSIS: 50 years ago, Vatican II changed the Catholic Church—and the world

(RNS) In a massive display of solemn ecclesiastical pomp, hundreds of Catholic leaders strode into St. Peter’s Basilica 50 years ago, the start of an historic three-year assembly that would change the way the world’s largest Christian body viewed itself and the rest of the world. By John Pope.
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Judge blocks New Orleans law that prevents preaching in French Quarter

NEW ORLEANS (RNS) A federal judge has temporarily blocked enforcement of a city law that was recently used to arrest Christian evangelists who were preaching on Bourbon Street during Southern Decadence, the annual celebration of gay culture in the French Quarter. By Bruce Nolan.
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Preachers arrested during New Orleans gay pride party plan to sue for right to protest

NEW ORLEANS (RNS) Nine preachers who were arrested after they allegedly yelled slurs during a gay pride festival plan to sue the city over an ordinance that bans "aggressive solicitation" in the city's storied French Quarter. By Katherine Fretland.
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