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Ambassador Michael Oren: The shared roots of Hanukkah and Christmas

WASHINGTON (RNS) This holiday season, whether we and our families gather around a menorah or a Christmas tree, we celebrate our freedom to believe. We rejoice in the values for which our forefathers fought and passed down for centuries. The Hanukkah and Christmas lights that illuminate our homes burn bright for all of humanity. By Michael Oren.
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Jewish groups say conspiracy theory over anti-Islam film won’t die

(RNS) Jewish civil rights groups are concerned that a false report blaming Jews for the anti-Islam film roiling the Muslim world won't die. By Lauren Markoe. 
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Vatican walks a fine line on trying to combat blasphemy

VATICAN CITY (RNS) Catholic leaders in Muslim countries are calling for a U.N. resolution against blasphemy -- a potential problem for the Vatican as it tries to combat religious desecration while stopping short of endorsing laws to outlaw it. By Alessandro Speciale.
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U.S. Muslims, Copts appeal to rioters to drop violence

(RNS) Muslim and Coptic Christian leaders in the U.S. are pledging not to let a spate of violent protests in some 20 Islamic countries derail recent efforts to improve the sometimes troubled relations between the two communities. By Omar Sacirbey.
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Middle East riots fueled by competition between radicals, moderates as new democracies emerge

(RNS) Whether U.S. foreign policy has helped create a political environment where radicals are struggling to remain relevant, or emboldened extremists to act out, is a matter of disagreement. By Oren Dorell.
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