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Topics: Ethics, Death & Dying
Beliefs: Other
Tags: lisa stevie haynes, murder, shooting, suicide, terry lee daniel sr.

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Family Research Council shooter charged with terrorism

WASHINGTON (RNS) A federal grand jury added terrorism to the list of charges faced by the Virginia man who was indicted in the shooting of a security guard at the conservative Family Research Council's Washington offices. By Jeanie Groh.
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Family Research Council accuses Southern Poverty Law Center of sparking shooter’s hatred

WASHINGTON (RNS) The head of the Family Research Council accused the Southern Poverty Law Center of sparking hatred that led Floyd Lee Corkins II to shoot a security guard at the conservative Christian lobbying group’s headquarters. By Chris Lisee.
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Religious leaders call for prayer and tighter gun control after Colorado shooting

(RNS) President Obama and his likely GOP challenger Mitt Romney called for prayers and reflection after a deadly shooting at a Colorado movie theater, while liberal religious leaders called for stricter gun control laws. By Daniel Burke.
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Boston mosque aims to keep young Somali immigrants off the streets

BOSTON (RNS) While Somali Muslims in America have been in the news for joining terrorist groups overseas, few people have paid attention to a more substantive problem of young men getting involved in the drug trade and joining gangs. By Omar Sacirbey.
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Five years later, mother of Virginia Tech victim wrestles with God, finds peace

CENTREVILLE, Va. (RNS) It's been five years since Celeste Peterson's only daughter was killed in a shooting rampage at Virginia Tech. And while the grieving mother has rediscovered her faith, it hasn't been easy. At first, her prayers were near obligatory: "Thank you for this day. I'm not talking to you. Amen." By B. Denise Hawkins.
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