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12 myths about Mormonism

SALT LAKE CITY (RNS) All those stories about Mitt Romney's White House bid and his Mormon faith educated millions of observant Americans about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Still, some “understandings” remain misunderstandings — and many views of the religion continue to be skewed, exaggerated or flat-out wrong. Here are 12 persistent myths about Mormonism. By Peggy Fletcher Stack.
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Survey: Young evangelicals at odds with their political parties

WASHINGTON (RNS) A large majority of young evangelicals see a conflict between their faith and their political party – but Democrats grapple with this disconnect much more than Republicans, according to a new survey. By Lauren Markoe.
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Republicans can find religion in not-so-religious Tampa

(RNS) Tampa is not known to be a particularly religious city. But those in town for the Republican National Convention won't have to look too hard to find a spiritual experience. By Lauren Markoe.
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Amish-Mennonite pastor convicted of abetting kidnapping

(RNS) A Vermont jury found an Amish-Mennonite pastor guilty Tuesday (Aug. 14) of abetting an international kidnapping to keep a child from her lesbian parent. By Lauren Markoe. 
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Liberal Christian leaders blast GOP tax bill

WASHINGTON (RNS) A coalition of liberal Christian leaders blasted a GOP plan that would extend Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy while slashing key provisions for the poor. By Chris Lisee.
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