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What Obama should say to Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi

(RNS) President Obama and Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi have a lot to talk about, Muslim-Americans say, from Islamophobia and human rights for religious minorities to Islamic extremism and cooperation. By Omar Sacirbey.
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U.S. Muslims, Copts appeal to rioters to drop violence

(RNS) Muslim and Coptic Christian leaders in the U.S. are pledging not to let a spate of violent protests in some 20 Islamic countries derail recent efforts to improve the sometimes troubled relations between the two communities. By Omar Sacirbey.
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Middle East riots fueled by competition between radicals, moderates as new democracies emerge

(RNS) Whether U.S. foreign policy has helped create a political environment where radicals are struggling to remain relevant, or emboldened extremists to act out, is a matter of disagreement. By Oren Dorell.
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Bishops blast Coptic Christians behind anti-Muslim film

RNS) The Coptic Christian bishop of Southern California blasted the Copts who made and hyped an anti-Muslim film that has sparked protests across the Muslim world. By Daniel Burke.
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Vatican recalibrates response to Middle East riots, says violence is never justified

(RNS) The Vatican issued a firm condemnation of the attack against the U.S. embassy in Libya, one day after a statement that focused on decrying "provocations" against Muslim sensibilities. By Alessandro Speciale.
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