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GUEST COMMENTARY: Why the war on Christian athletes gesturing to God?

(RNS) Why should religious leaders, of all people, turn their fire on celebrities who use their popularity for public proclamations of the Almighty's power? By Michael Medved.
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Why basketball is Muslims’ favorite sport

(RNS) Muslims' love of basketball is manifesting itself in Muslim basketball leagues and tournaments across the country, and is even recognized by the country’s major Islamic organizations, which are often criticized for being out of touch with Muslim youth. By Omar Sacirbey.
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Wednesday’s Religion Roundup: Lin-spiration

Jeremy Lin does it again, and Tim Tebow may need a new nickname. Tim Dolan also (hearts) NY, and will tell pope why. China snubs Washington's religious freedom envoy, Oliver Stone becomes a Muslim -- sorta. Hutaree militia was hunting the antichrist, not the Feds.
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New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin dubbed the ‘Taiwanese Tebow’

(RNS) "We could probably count on one hand the number of Asian-Americans who speak out as prominent Christians.," said Melanie Mar Chow of the Asian American Christian Fellowship, a campus ministry. "It's great to have a role model like him."
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