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Washington gay marriage fight has money, ‘daunting’ odds

SEATTLE (RNS) With its relatively low churchgoing population and social libertarianism, Washington may be the state where voters are most likely to approve gay marriage next month. But opponents say the early polls are deceptive. By Jeff Mapes.
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Orthodox Jews use smartphones, websites to complete Talmud cycle

(RNS) As 150,000 Orthodox Jews in North America celebrate the completion of a seven-year Talmud study program August 1, it’s easier than ever to study scripture, with the advent of websites, podcasts and smartphone apps. By Chris Lisee.
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COMMENTARY: Let’s hold the wealthy and powerful accountable

(RNS) Instead of turning on each other, as the wealthy and powerful want us to do, let's name the bad and incompetent behavior of the wealthy and powerful - and hold them accountable. By Tom Ehrich.
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COMMENTARY: The temptations - and trappings - of Silicon Valley’s super-rich

(RNS) The privileged see only the prizes they think they earned. Soon, to protect their delusions, they buy politicians and demand that they chase wealth for the greedy by turning the frightened against the vulnerable. By Tom Ehrich.
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Hutterite says National Geographic didn’t exploit rural colony for reality show

WASHINGTON (RNS) A character on a National Geographic Channel documentary series about a rural Hutterite colony defended his community and the production company after Hutterite bishops criticized the show and its producer. By Chris Lisee.  
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