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Topics: Faith, Clergy & Congregations
Beliefs: Christian - Orthodox
Tags: baptists, black, colonial baptist church, election, larry broadway

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Female Lutheran pastor mounts uphill bid for Ohio congressional seat

TOLEDO, Ohio (RNS) The Rev. Angela Zimmann is an ordained Lutheran minister and is believed to be the only female minister running for Congress this year. By David Yonke.
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Poll: White working class voters are still looking for a candidate, and still religious

(RNS) Many common perceptions of the white working class are wrong, according to the Public Religion Research Institute, including the idea that the group is turning its back on religion and is very concerned about candidates' stances on abortion, same-sex marriage and other social issues. By Lauren Markoe.
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Poll shows Catholics side with bishops on religious liberty, but warm to Obama

WASHINGTON (RNS) A new poll finds that Catholics who are aware of their bishops' concerns about religious liberty generally agree with them, but the all-important Catholic vote is still up for grabs on Election Day. By Lauren Markoe.
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New poll examines minorities’ views on social issues

(RNS) Compared to Hispanic Americans, black Americans are far more likely to believe abortion should be legal in most circumstances, even when they personally reject the procedure as immoral. By Lauren Markoe.
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Pollster: Romney’s Israel trip will have little effect on Jewish vote

WASHINGTON (RNS) Neither Mitt Romney’s trip to Israel Saturday (July 28) nor President Obama’s policies will influence the Jewish vote in the 2012 election, according to a new report that sees Jewish voting patterns as predictable and unchanging. By Chris Lisee.
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