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Topics: Faith, Beliefs
Beliefs: Freethought (Atheist, Humanist, Agnostic)
Tags: athiest, athiest club, club, eureka high school secular student alliance, secular, students, trevor lynn

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New Congress more religiously diverse, less Protestant

(RNS) Three Buddhists, a Hindu and a “none” will walk into the 113th Congress, and it’s no joke. Rather, it’s a series of “firsts” that reflect the growing religious diversity of the country. By David Gibson.
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White Christian voters no longer hold the keys to the White House

 WASHINGTON (RNS) From this election forward, candidates won't be able to win the White House by relying on the white Christian vote, according to a new report. By Lauren Markoe. 
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Survey finds record 19 percent of religiously unaffiliated Americans

(RNS) Unbelief is on the uptick. People who check "None" for their religious affiliation are now nearly one in five Americans (19 percent), the highest ever documented, according to the Pew Center for the People and the Press. By Cathy Lynn Grossman.
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COMMENTARY: Finding faith in America’s most secular city

(RNS) In Seattle, which is is arguably the nation's most secular city, people found the core meaning of an incarnate faith: people loving each other.  As religion struggles with who is allowed in, these church avoiders have opened their lives to each other. By Tom Ehrich. 
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On eve of Darwin’s birthday, states take steps to limit evolution

(RNS) On the eve of the 203rd anniversary of Charles Darwin's birthday, six bills in four states would hinder the teaching of evolution in public schools, and another two are poised to do the same without naming evolution outright. By Kimberly Winston.
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