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Tags: african-american atheists, black history month, civil rights, naacp, w.e.b. du bois

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At Christmas, the babe in the manger isn’t always white

(RNS) At this time of year, many Christians dispel the notion of a white baby Jesus by including a Christ child of other colors in Nativity scenes and plays. By Adelle M. Banks.
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Black churches split over gay marriage and Obama

(RNS) President Obama's support for gay marriage has put some black clergy in a bind, torn between their political loyalties and their religious beliefs. By Adelle M. Banks.
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NAACP urges black churches to address AIDS epidemic

(RNS) The NAACP has mounted a campaign calling on black churches to address HIV/AIDS after researchers learned these myths circulate among their pews and pulpits. By Adelle M. Banks.
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Provocative art put Catholic nun in the middle of 1960s maelstrom

(RNS) Combining images and words from advertising, pop culture and religion, the bold graphic art of Sister Mary Corita was as deeply representative of the spirit of the 1960s as it was ubiquitous in church basements, dorm rooms and urban communes of people involved in the struggle for civil rights and the campaign to end the Vietnam War. By David E. Anderson.
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Black preachers divided on same-sex marriage, not Obama

WASHINGTON (RNS) While many black pastors do not like President Obama's recent embrace of gay marriage, they still plan to vote for him and expect other African-Americans to follow their lead. By Lauren Markoe.
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