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Unsure of future, tiny Amish sect clings together after beard-cutting convictions

BERGHOLZ, Ohio (RNS) A month after a federal jury convicted a rogue Amish bishop and 15 followers of hate crimes for beard-cutting attacks, the tiny Amish community here continues on, tightly bonded and unwavering, yet troubled by fears of the future. By John Caniglia.
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Amish petition for bail after beard-cutting hate crimes verdict

CLEVELAND (RNS) A federal judge has given defense attorneys until Thursday (Sept. 27) to convince him that nine Amish defendants convicted of hate crimes should not be imprisoned until their sentencing Jan. 24. By James McCarty.
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16 Amish found guilty of hate crimes in beard-cutting attacks

CLEVELAND (RNS) Amish bishop Samuel Mullet was convicted Thursday of federal hate crimes and conspiracy for exhorting followers to forcibly shear the hair and beards of those who opposed his breakaway Ohio sect. By James F. McCarty.
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Amish bishop describes beard-cutting attack

CLEVELAND (RNS) Law officers testified Wednesday about the chaotic and bizarre scene they discovered when they arrived at the Holmes County home of Raymond Hershberger, a 79-year-old Amish bishop. By James F. McCarty.
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Defense team says ‘compassion’ fueled Amish beard-cutting attacks

CLEVELAND (RNS) Defense lawyers say a compassionate desire to help wayward brethren return to strict Amish ways was what fueled a series of beard-cutting attacks. By James McCarty.
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