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8-year-old student not feminine enough, school says

Eds: A version of this story originally appeared in USA Today. It is available for use by RNS subscribers. Please use the USA Today byline. (RNS) The family of a little girl in western Virginia has removed her from her school after administrators said she did not appear feminine enough.     Sunnie Kahle, 8, likes autographed baseballs and hunting knives alon...
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Why multigenerational house sharing may be the wave of the future (COMMENTARY)

SAN MATEO, Calif. (RNS) For one year, my wife and I are living 2,700 miles apart. She lives in a one-bedroom apartment here, south of San Francisco. Each weekday she walks two blocks to the home of our middle son and his wife, where she cares for their 9-month-old son. “Granny n...
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Museum of the Bible aims for timeless name, imagery

WASHINGTON (RNS) Museum of the Bible. That’s it. The name of the museum under construction in Washington, D.C., is official. “We don’t need more to tell people who and what we are,” the museum’s founder and funder, Steve Green, told Religion News Service. But, as always with...
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Mormon feminists seeking change find it in subtle wording

Eds: A version of this story originally appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune in Salt Lake City. It is available for use by RNS subscribers. Please use the Salt Lake Tribune byline. (RNS) Mormon feminists may have been surprised by some subtle changes in vocabulary and approach Saturd...
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How Lecrae mixed rap and theology to find huge, mainstream success

NEW YORK (RNS) He’s been crowned the “new hip-hop king” and his newest album, “Anomaly,” topped iTunes and Amazon charts the day of its Sept. 9 release. He’s been invited to birthday parties for both Billy Graham and Michael Jordan and riffed on NBC’s “Tonight Show” with host Jimmy...
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Evangelicals add one more guest to the wedding party: Jesus

(RNS) When Brianna and Chris Lindsay married in June, they had the church, the minister, the bridesmaids … and a foot-washing ceremony for the bride and groom. It was, they said, a sign of their mutual submission. “First he took off both of my shoes and we had a water basin and...
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Kissing corpses is helping spread Ebola, expert says

LONDON (RNS) Touching or kissing the corpses of Ebola victims at funerals is helping to spread the deadly virus, according to one of the world’s top scientists who was among the first to identify Ebola in 1976. Peter Piot, the director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical...
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Pastors flock to North Dakota’s oil boom to save souls

(RNS) Sven Hauge goes every Thursday to the “man camps” surrounding the oil fields near Williston, N.D., and holds worship services that feature preaching, praying and singing. Sometimes a few men show up, and sometimes, nobody does. “That can be discouraging if you put great impo...
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British humanists enlist Virginia Woolf and others to answer life’s big questions

CANTERBURY, England (RNS) A campaign to persuade millions of people to understand humanist ways of answering life’s big questions without religion has been launched at 100 of London’s 270 underground subway stations. Posters will encourage Tube commuters to think about the meaning...
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Priests’ mistresses and wives remind the Vatican: Don’t forget about us

VATICAN CITY (RNS) For years, they have been invisible and often afraid to identify themselves. But the women sometimes dubbed “God’s rivals”  are no longer willing to remain silent. Twenty-six Italian women who are married to or in relationships with Catholic priests want clerica...
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Muslim scholars tell Islamic State: You don’t understand Islam

WASHINGTON (RNS) More than 120 Muslim scholars from around the world joined an open letter to the “fighters and followers” of the Islamic State, denouncing them as un-Islamic by using the most Islamic of terms. Relying heavily on the Quran, the 18-page letter released Wednesday (S...
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