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The Iranian Adele



Take a few minutes, and watch this short video:
Watch this short Youtube video.

Just a 13 year old girl singing her heart out to Adele.

Nothing out of the ordinary, except that this girl is in Iran.

She has a name, Tara, is from Tehran, and a gorgeous voice.
She's only been singing for one year.   

She begins with "Be naam-e khoda" ("In the Name of God") before she starts to sing.  


Like every other country on earth, Iran is filled with girls like this, and families that adore them.

Next time you hear some jerk of a politician throw out words like "sanctions" or "war", think of who the victims are.

Sanctions and war hurt girls like this, not the dictators.   

The people that war hurts....they look like, and sound like, this angel.

Funny how if we see through the veils of fear, and listen through the drums of the war-mongers,
we see and hear our own children, our own humanity, wrapped up together.




(It would have been just as angelic, had she sung a traditional Perisan melody, or a song in Chinese, or a Celtic lullaby, or....)

Image of Adele is from Shutterstock:

Image of Tara is from: 

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  1. Thank you so much Omid. She reminds me of my own daughter when she was thirteen, and my cousins who are persians, living in France, and still love Iran, even though by and large consider themselves french. Thinking that someday a bomb that is made by my tax money could take her life is too much for me to think about.

    Today preseident Obama asked the war mongers to stop beatng the drum war and think about the cosequences that a war would bring. The realty is, the only winner of wars are arm dealers, and military industrial complex. The question rises, who are these war mongers are really serving, and who is their speeches for? American people or their donors? I hope they would wake up, and think about the president’s suggestions.

  2. “Thinking that someday a bomb that is made by my tax money could take her life is too much for me to think about.

    Indeed, a horrific thought. That anyone should haveto live in the shadow of threat that comes from the fanned flames of fanatic right wing extemist politicians to whom war is always the first resort is a nightmare. 

    That goes as much for Republican politicians who rattle the sabre,  puff out their chests, compete for the highest level of extremism and threaten premptive war against Iran… as it does for the Iranian politicians who act and do exactly the same to Israel, except they use the term “extinction” when threatening war. 

    And yet, I imagine in the eyes of this blogger, and much of his readership that comparison is lost on them. 

    I wonder, how much less would an Israeli girl be fretted over or mourned by the readership here; a girl who like her sister in Iran sings like an angel, and also has been threatened with and promised extinction by a fanatical unbalanced faction?

    My educated guess is-  not a single tear.

  3. Well thank God that I have already expressed myself on this issue in print, in the social justice Jewish periodical Tikkun: of Palestine-Israel.pdf   There, and in many other places, I have already stated in unequivocal terms the equal sanctity, integrity, and dignity of all human life, Palestinian and Israeli.    I don’t do it to convince you, I do it because it is the conviction that illuminates my heart.

  4. good piece.

  5. It was indeed best performance by this small little cute girl and she should be appreciated for her hard work just because she’s from Iran doesn’t prove any thing.SO keep it up may you have great life ahead.

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