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Sikh Temple shooter Neo-Nazi, discharged from US army

The shooter in the Sikh temple (Gurdwara) has been identified as Wade Michael Page.   He has been identified as white, 40 year old, heavily tattooed, ex-army male with possible NeoNazi connections.

The authorities are investigating possible motifs, and so far one of the evidence is a “9/11 memorial” tattoo. 

Several of the story lines emerging from this act that the FBI has initially labeled “domestic terrorism” deal with how Sikhs are often mistaken for Muslims.   One of the most insightful articles so far is by Simran Singh, and deals with the interconnected nature of Islamophobia and prejudice against Sikhs.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has identified the shooter, Wade Michael Page, as a frustrated Neo-Nazi and member of a skin head band.   ABC News has identified him as possibly a “skin head.”

The shooter, Wade Michael Page, was part of a “White Power” band called End Apathy.   The band's covers are quite violent, and one reads "Submission is Slavery."

Here is part of his interview in April 2010, given to  the White Supremacist Label 56:

A lot of what I realized at the time was that if we could figure out how to end peoples apathetic ways it would be the start towards moving forward. Of course after that it requires discipline, strict discipline to stay the course in our sick society.


In that interview, Page did not openly espouse violence.

 SPLC reports that in 2000 Page had “attempted to purchase goods from the neo-Nazi National Alliance, then America’s most important hate group.”   If that information is accurate, it would indicate that Page's connection to Neo-Nazi groups pre-dated the 9/11 attacks.

Page had a military background.
ABC News reports:

Page, 40, served in the Army from April 1992 through October 1998. He was separated from the Army with a less than honorable discharge and had been demoted from sergeant to specialist during his service.
While in the Army Wade served as a sergeant, and later as a specialist based in Ft. Bliss in Texas and at Ft. Bragg in North Carolina. Wade's job was as a Hawk missile system repairman, and he then became a psychological operations specialist, defense official confirmed to ABC news.



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