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Seeing Iran face to face

When we think of Iran, we often think of images of President Ahmadinejad, images of angry mobs, or nuclear facilities.

How often do we see these kinds of images:

These are images of Iranian people, landscapes, and buildings that we do not often get to see.

What if our images of Iran looked more like these?

The amazing things about these kinds of images is that this is what Iran actually looks like:  these people, these landscapes, these buildings.

would we be thinking about going to war against a  people if we could see their faces?  
If we could imagine their suffering should we drop bombs on them?

This image is of Iranian women who are marching for freedom and democracy in Iran.
Do we see them when we think of Iran?

Do we think about consequences of our actions for them?

Part of the wonders of technology today is that we get an opportunity to "see" human beings all around the planet, and have a virtual face to face connection with them.

hopefully this can be a way to recognizing our shared humanity.

Images of Iran are from wikipedia.

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