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Saudis say No to the Prophet Muhammad, Yes to Paris Hilton

More and more people are speaking out against the Saudi regime, and the way in which its Wahhabi ideology has linked together an utter disregard for the historical heritage of Muslims with an unabashed embrace of vapid capitalism.     In both Mecca and Medina, the Saudi state has already bulldozed over 90% of the Islamic monuments going back some 1400 years.     In their place, they are putting up five star hotels, parking lots, and shopping malls.

Adding injury to insult: In the same cities of Mecca and Medina, where the Wahhabi-backed Saudi state has bulldozed the historical shrines and cemeteries of the family of the Prophet, now we have the establishment of shopping malls featuring…. Paris Hilton.   

Here was Paris Hilton’s excited tweet:

Loving my beautiful new store that just opened at Mecca Mall in Saudi Arabia!
Paris Hilton

So this is what it has come to.   The so-called “Guardians of the two sanctuaries” bulldoze Islamic history, tear down the houses associated with the Prophet and his family, and in its place put up shopping malls by vapid symbols of the most crass capitalistic materialism the world has to offer.  No wonder many are talking about the transformation of Mecca into another Las Vegas.

Yes, the Saudis have bulldozed:

*An Ottoman Fortress overlooking and protecting Mecca, plus a whole mountain, was removed to put down the monstrosity known as the Mecca Royal Clock-Tower, aka “Big Ben on crack.

*The house the Prophet was born in, currently a library, is under consideration for destruction.

*The house of the Prophet’s wife, Khadija, who is referred to by Muslims as the “Mother of the Faithful” was recently torn down, and in its place a row of toilets were established.

*Old Ottoman and Abbasid columns will likely be torn down to make room for a 680 million dollar expansion of the Great Mosque.

*The old historic cemeteries of Jannat al-Baqi, containing the remains of the descendants of the Prophet, have been bulldozed, and nothing but a dirt mound remains of the former shrines there.

Sami Angawi, the director of the Hajj Research Center which is trying to preserve what’s left of the Islamic heritage of Saudi Arabia says of the Saudi state: 

“They are turning the holy sanctuary into a machine, a city which has no identity, no heritage, no culture and no natural environment. They've even taken away the mountains.”

Often the excuse is used that with the global increase in the number of Muslims coming to Mecca, these expansions are necessary to accommodate these pilgrims.    However, there is no reason why the hotels for the pilgrims couldn’t be put outside the historical center of Mecca, thus preserving the monuments.   

Furthermore, in place of these historical monuments, many of which hold a sacred significance to all Muslims outside of the Wahhabi sect, the Saudi state is building five star hotels that cost as much as $7,000 a night.     In other words, these policies are not only bulldozing the history of Islam, they are also subverting the radical egalitarian teachings of Islam most beautifully symbolized in the rich and poor standing shoulder to shoulder wearing simple unadorned clothing in the House of the One God.   Now the poor teeming masses are below, and the ultra-rich can reside in their 5-star suites looking down at the Ka’ba.    Lastly, these absurd towers even displace the very symbolism and centrality of the Ka’ba.

La hawla wa la quwwata illa bi Allah.

"They paved Paradise,
Put up a parking lot."

The Saudis make a great deal of their honorific as the “Caretaker of the two Noble Sanctuaries” in Mecca and Medina.   One has to wonder about a kind of Care that says no to the legacy of Muhammad, bulldozes it, and invites Paris Hilton in its place.    These shrines, these historical sites, indeed Mecca and Medina, do not belong to the Saudi state.   They are treasures belonging to the worldwide Muslim population, indeed the whole of humanity (as the Prophet was sent as a Mercy to all the Universes).   If the Saudis insist on calling themselves the caretakers of the two sanctuaries, their first task should be in fact to take care of them--and not bulldoze them.  If they can not or will do not so, then someone else has to step up to provide care for these historical and sacred heritages of humanity.

The Prophet Muhammad once said that Islam began in this world as a stranger, and it will someday return as a stranger.

In looking at the uber-Capitalist, history-bulldozing practice of the Saudi/Wahhabi state, one cannot help but cry at the strange kind of Islam that now rules over the House of God and the home of the Prophet.

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  1. Thanks again for exposing these people for who they really are. Great job keep it up.

  2. That’s goes to show that not only is U.S government curupt, but all governments are. Everything is about money and profit. Holy places, shrines ect…. should be left as is. If anything should be preserved and well kept. This is so sad.

  3. Salaams, thank you for this article. I hope and pray that people finally realize that this Wahabi-Salafi (extremist Islam) is the true enemy of Islam. The Prophet sws said ” Towards the end of time, the Horns of the Devil will arise from Najd (present day Riyad). Allah protect us all, Inshallah.

  4. Astaghfirullah..what kind of khadimul haramain..

  5. What should Paris do to promote herself in the Holy land, where non-muslims are not allowed?

    Should she provide Dates?

    Should she provide shortened clothing more friendly to the hot sultry desert environment?

    Should she install water sprinklers?

    Also what more can the Saudis do:

    To try diminish the respect of Prophet Pubh?

    Insult the house of Allah?

  6. Misleading title of the article. Prophet Mohammed didn’t approve of tombs and grave worship. Wahabis don’t allow construction of grave and tombs. The tomb of Imam Hassan (RA) grand son of Prophet Mohammed -was demolished in Makkah in 1925.

  7. Wahabbism is a monstrosity and a mutant creature that was born in the desert and is wreaking havoc on the world with its extremists views and terrorism even on Muslims and Islam !!

    We have known for decades that they have destroyed islamic historical sites and monuments that are hundreds and even 1000 years old including the houses of the family of the Prophet and his own house too!

    Do you know that some Wahabis are even calling for the destruction of the Prophet Mohammed Mosque in Medina were he is buried!

    They do this becuase they believe that many Muslims will be praying to these monuments instead of God himself otherwise they will be calling Muslims infidels !!

    So they do it in the name of Islam !

  8. Shah N Khan- This is not about worshiping graves and tombs, this is about the preservation of our Islamic history. These places have been preserved for 1400 years for people to appreciate our history and to visualise the life of our Prophet Mohammad. InshAllah very soon we will be able to return to Makkah without the stain of the Wahabi-Capitalist governments.

  9. Let us not use the word Wahabbi. Wahab is a beautiful name of Allah. The Arabic Peninsula Radicals have no right to call themselves Wahabbi. Only Allah is Wahab!

    Moreover we should not call them Salafi either. That is the word reserved for our Muslim ancesters the Salaf!

    We should all be Muslims and promote being humble. We need to promote the idea that Hajj and Umra be affordable for all Muslims.

  10. No name calling - No pointing fingers - excepts stop destroying that which is our heritage - which we love to reflect upon - we do not worship stones amd graves

  11. Monstrous and shameful.

  12. I think that this is will be an advantage to Mecca, it might reduce the influence of Islam on the people, and that I feel is a good thing.  Religions are the evil that hold humanity back from what it could be. Every advance that humanity has made, religion was there trying to hold back progress, screaming and crawling as it was dragged into the light.

  13. this the time when more darood should be invoked on holly prophet Mohammad (s.a.w.w0 as the promised messiah and the Mahdi maood (as) says :-  -BHEJ DAROOD US MOHSAN PER TU DIN MAIN SO SO (100-100) BAR _PAK MOHAMMAD MUSTAFA (s.a.w.w) SUB NABIYON K SARDAR اللَّهُـمّ صَــــــلٌ علَےَ مُحمَّــــــــدْ و علَےَ آل مُحمَّــــــــدْكما صَــــــلٌيت علَےَ إِبْرَاهِيمَ و علَےَ آل إِبْرَاهِيمَ إِنَّك حَمِيدٌ اللهم بارك علَےَ مُحمَّــــــــدْ و علَےَ آل مُحمَّــــــــدْ كما
    باركت علَےَ إِبْرَاهِيمَ و علَےَ آل إِبْرَاهِيمَ إِنَّك حَمِيدٌ مَجِيدٌ
    ,this will inshaAllah trigger the wrath of Allah on those who disregard thee prophet of Allah (s.a.w.w).

  14. Allah is almighty and holds power on all humans and Saudi king is not out of it ,world hase seen before and will see again the power of Allah .Allah grants respect whome so ever wills and Allah alone brings disrespect to whome so ever deserves due to his actions and sure Mullahs and king of saudia have done enough dammage to Islam ,now they deserve wrath of Allah.

  15. And Br. Omid Safi, there are plenty of pictures of Paris Hilton with clothes on.

    Maybe next time we can leave behind the sensationalism and post a more covered picture of her?

  16. ALLAH will soon show who is the king and who rules inshALLAH

  17. This is very biased article. Yes, many tombs have been demolished and buildings built over gave site because Islam does not promote the idea of grave worshiping which does happen as people get emotional(I have seen) - leading to shirk. They (Saudi government) fear people will lose their true religion by visiting these places and praying not to Allah. Trust me, that does happen. I lived here for 20 years.
    It’s true they have build malls and hotels that are expensive but it’s not for their benefit. It’s for the Hajjis. If they left it the way it was even 15 years ago then half million people would get not get their Hajj visa due to lack of space. Plus, hotels within Mecca seem like a long walk (even those within 15 mins) so how could they be positioned outside the sanctuary.
    You’ve exaggerated Paris Hilton’s shop being build versus demolishing sites. Very wrong intentions to provoke emotions. Yes, the Saudi government are not innocent and perfect. They’ve got their sins too, but don’t we all?

  18. Very well said, brother Abdul Rehman.

  19. Why have been Br Abdul Rehman comments deleted :(

  20. @marium
    So destroying th Prophet(S.A.W.W) house, Bibi Khadija’s house.. making castles on the mountain of shak-e-qamr, destroying mosques, Destroying house of Hazrat Ali, cutting a burning down of trees planted by the Prophet.. is justified in the name of Biddat and expansion.. Destroying The history of Islam.. ending it from the root somehow sounds a wise decision to protect the religion to you?
    Are you serious?! C’mon man.. you need to think clearly at the obvious wrong that is happening..

  21. Ummarham, Abdul Rehman’s comments have not been deleted.

  22. Dear Omid dont be disheartened. Worst abuses were hurled on our Holy Prophet. Those who use such word only shows what stuff they are made of. Dear Omid dont hold back. Jazakum Allah khair for speaking the truth..

  23. Well this is what you can expect from the disrespectful and extremist whabis. They have misguided so many Muslim and destroy the image of Islam whole over the world. My ummah will not do shirk that’s what the saying of Prophet Mohammad(PBUH). Taliban and other extremist groups are their followers and funded by the Saudi Gov.  All the people who have read history knows how they came into power in Saudi Arabia and how they use oil money to promote their disbelieves. Only the Muslims who doesn’t have knowledge of true Islam can come into their trap.

  24. So Marium, biased article? How?
    Is it ok to desecrate the final resting place of any person (since you care nothing for the Prophet’s family I will say ANY person) for capitalistic reasons? Let them desecrate your mother and father’s grave or take your ancestral home so they can build a 5 star hotel or a row of toilets. And I will ask you how you feel. Perhaps you will care more?
    Even here, in America, you respect the grave of those deceased and don’t build ugly, capitalistic garbage on top of it. Ancestral homes are kept as historic sites. No one has built on top of Thomas Jefferson’s home or destroyed Ernest Hemingway’s. But in Saudi, when it comes to our Prophet and his family, we should destroy it because if very few Muslims respected them in their lifetime, why should they respect him now. Right, Marium?

    It is because of Muslims like you that the Saudi government is able to desecrate Muslim history and culture. And worst of all, build a disgusting building to overshadow the beautiful Kaaba.

    You are worried about shirk? Then stop worshipping capitalism and it’s ideals over the history and culture and teachings of Islam and of our Prophet.

  25. this makes me soooooo mad. they make such a big fuss about tellnig women to move when we are fully clothed, and on Hajj, and just trying to do our Ibadeh, but they don’t mind that white trash paris hilton and what she represents. you are right, they are not Wahhabi or Salafi, they are Kharijites. may Allah protect us from those who would interrupt and in some cases even prohibit the believing women from worshipping (as happend in front of my eyes at the Kaaba and at Masjid an Nabawi) and yet bow down to the female idols of capitalism, in all their naked ugliness.

  26. Apparently some people felt it better to delete my comments.  So much for free speach.  That must be something you learned from the Saudi’s.

    How come none of the people who criticise them (the Saudi’s) also don’t raise their voices against Umar (ra) for cutting down the tree the Prophet (pbuh) used to deliver Khutbah from? I mean that was wan actual miracle, a tree crying, but still the wisdom of Ameer ul-Mumimeen Umar (ra) was that we as Muslims have a rich history. It starts with creation of Adam (as), is tied to the Books of Allah, is fulfilled by following the Prophet (pbuh) and other then a few places and buildings of prayer, nothing else of our past is so important that when the time comes to make better use of it, it can’t be changed.

  27. actually this man is contacting with big pages to share this… i dont know what his intentions are behind all this but its not true which is shows in his article its only the one side of the story… in past he was involved in writing these types of articles… u notice he is using words wahaibies for saudi arbains not muslims..why he is using this he is a islamic scholar dont he know we all are only muslims… read his other articles also..he always criticize islam .he is just misleading muslims from many years his agenda is just to criticize muslims and islam…

  28. Ummm…because not all Saudis are Kharijites. and we don’t want to accuse an entire population. but whoever is making the deciions about what gets built in the holy cities is the one who is evil and that needs to be said. so tired of mulsims hiding from the reality of what is going on over there and saying stuff liek: hey, we all commit sins. ummm…that is the dumbest apologist argument i have ever heard. if a government corrupts a holy place, then i think it’s not a case of: hey, we all commit sins. maalesh. wake up peeps. we are Muslims thank God; but Kharijis are not. watch out for your own faith. don’t go covering up wrongdoing thinking you are being all pious and loving of unity; that same wrongdoing may come and bite you one day and hurt your own family. you don’t even want your daugther trying to dress like Paris Hilton, and you would have a big fit over that, but u don’t mind that her clothes are being sold to MUSLIMS (since no one else can go there) in Makkah. Hello?

  29. True many hotels have been built. But would you rather walk 2-3miles for every prayer or 300 yards (especially during ur hajj or umrah)? Didn’t the prophet (pbuh) advise us to take the easy path rather than the difficult path?Also, were not trees and houses uprooted by our beloved (pbuh) to build Masjid Nabwi? Were not shops demolished to make room to expand the mataaf (al haram) during the time of the Khilaafa Rashideen. Please Mr Omid Fear Allaah (swt) and get your facts right before you are held to account. As the writer is obviously a hater of wahabis, i guess he is a lover of Barwelvis and Mystic Sufis (as stated in his previous book). What have they done to preserve historic islam? They have started sufism (be passive, meditate, smoke peace-pipes) or build shrines on top of graves and ask dead people for help. Create Peer Saabs to rob the masses and keep the muslims in an uneducated state. Look at Pakistan (barewli/sufi centre), they are teaching us to defraud, lie and cheat people. Give me monotheistic any day mate…

  30. Marium said: “It’s true they have build malls and hotels that are expensive but it’s not for their benefit. It’s for the Hajjis.”  W.O.W.  are. you. for. real?
    let me try to understand that. so i, like my fellow Hujjaj, can go for a holy pilgrimage, in all humility and trying to get closer to God, and add to my BENEFIT by buying some (add adjective of your choice) outfits from Paris Hilton’s store while i am at it. all for my benefit eh? so i can increase in my faith by dressing like a prostitute?  so i can wear some disgusting overpriced clothes of a porn star under my abayah?  all i have to say is BAA-REES!!!! (how they spelt her name in Arabic)  some things were never meant to be translated into that blessed language. this is one of them. what an EMBARASSMENT.

  31. maybe Paris became Muslim y’all…
    (-: lighten up everyone. this is sad. but don’t get into a waste-of-time argument with trolls or die hard house of saud fans.
    just do your own thing and keep moving. and please…don’t buy any Paris hilton clothes for your wife/daughter/self, okay? they are super ugly. lol.

  32. sheik Imran Hosein has been talkin(negative
    ) about these saudis but Alhamdulillah i get to read a brief but lucid write about about their obsession to materialism and their loyalty to the west.may Allah make us see things as they are.

  33. btw everyone, just so you know, Paris hilton fashion line is not even available in north america, but is available in the middle east (opening up stores in all your fave gulf locations - dubai etc) - hmm..i wonder why.    Saudi elite + American showbiz = true love.

  34. reposted from:
    11/20/2012 12:15 PM
    Brilliant idea, I look forward to seeing her next shop in Santiago, Lourdes etc enabling poor pilgrims to purchase bags to carry their relics home.
    * it’s not Paris’s fault, it is the Saudi caretakers (not) fault. perverts. they don’t care a bit about what we hold holy, they think they are the representatives of Islam - hey world, now you know the truth: they do NOT represent Islam.neither in their preventing women from driving, nor in their lack of respect for what is holy to the rest of us, nor in their huge spending habits, nor in their abuse of foreign workers (especially maids).  NOr in their extremist views about religion and their holier than thou proclamations. There. it should be clear to you now when we say: don’t take Saudi views to be the views of all Muslims! Find out about the true Islam and ignore those who would claim to be pious yet worship at the pedestal of crass capitalism and everything that even athiests with taste reject as being too much.

  35. On the plus side, the monarchy-theocracy-complex enslaves women and is lavish with bribe-money.

  36. I think the destruction of tombs is how we muslims will always differentiate ourselves from those who use these tombs as places of worship, the fact is that in KSA a pilgrim can be admonished if he raises his hands towards the prophets tomb while his ack is facing Kaaba. But in other regions, there is no one to stop this practice of ancestor worshipping. Is lam is the only religion that defines creator who has no human form, and through knowledge we muslims are empowered to seek that spiritual connection between ourselves and our living breathing planet which the messengers of allah proved had empowered the truth seekers to destroy their enemies. We need that connection to this planets biosphere through recognizing that god is greater then any human. No matter how much we respect them and they mean to us. It is only to Allah that a muslim should address himself. For what it’s worth i think they shouldn’t be so harsh in this and should keep it as a historical monument but disallow any pilgrim or visitor from ever raising their hands and praying to any living being ever.

  37. Aza- its obvious you’re a wahabi and there’s no shame in that. Everyone’s free to follow their convictions but surely even you acknowledge the benefit of having our Islamic legacy preserved to inspire us and the next generation. My children feel in love with the beautiful mosques in Turkey and were happy to spend their holiday exploring them and marvelling at the intricate design and workmanship. What has Saudi Arabia got apart from the two Harams for Muslims to visit and feel inspired? And no, I’m not interested in malls or hotels. I can go into London/Paris/New York for that.

  38. Destroying historic and most importantly places which belongs to prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is just beyond me, Islamic countries must urge the Saudi government otherwise.

  39. These Wahhabis are a bigger threat to our religion than all non-muslims combined. They are ‘munafiqs’ within our religion and they have always caused a lot of damage to our religion. May Allah Kareem put all of us on the right path.

  40. Why are companies that support illegally occupied territories in Palestine (Starbucks and co) allowed in Mecca? Same reason all our heritage is being bulldozered. All the “Custodians of the two Holy Cities” is interested is in appeasing the West and increasing their wealth.

    And to all those idiots who still harp on about people worshipping rocks or tombs, can you please give us a little credit and intellect? If someone is at a grave and is touched and stops and says a pray, that doesn’t mean we’re praying to that person. It’s just reminding us to pray.

    Saudi does need to wake up. Stop treating women and non Arabs as third class citizens and giving them the status Islam bestowed on them.

  41. Here is a blog that has posts explaining the difference between traditional Sunni Islam and the heretical innovation of Wahhabism:

  42. next they will be forbidding people from raising their hands facing the kaaba, because it’s a building made of bricks and they have to protect us dummies from our tendency towards shirk: some of us might be praying to the bricks, right? thanks for being so careful about informing me that my Lord is beyond shape or form, and for making sure i have the latest P.H. handbag to show for my dedication. You really are wonderful caretakers.

  43. Ok taken as granted that Saudis are Sulfis and Wahhabis but can you pls suggest a way of accommodating all those millions who visit and stay there every year? Do they come to visit the kab’a or the ‘historical sites’? I ain’t a Sulfi; I hold all my saints in esteems but I’ve not been to these historical sites either despite living there for ages. So pls stop slinging slander on others and seek the right path from Allah.

  44. Sher- your lack of interest means its ok to get rid of them? No one is slandering but expressing their opinion regarding current affairs in Mecca.

    There are thousands of other cities where millions of people live and tourists flock but have maintained true to their heritage whilst moving with the times. London being one of them and the Vatican being another.

    Are you saying Muslim architects have no imagination?  I’m sure they can get inspiration from nature to create something the expands whilst flows with “old Mecca” around it and incoroperates green areas and water features.  Send them to the Alhambra if they need ideas

  45. This is sad. where we muslims going :(

  46. :’(

  47. Allah shall punish those wrong doers and who disrespect the prophet.

  48. The Saudi regime is anything but Khadim-e-Harmain.  This bunch is 21st century Banu Ummaiyah.  They will sell Islam and everything about it for their wordly pleasures.  You can judge the character of the regime by its actions over last 50 odd years.  For a country that spills oil from the ground, their level of education, their state of development is appalling.  If it wasn’t for the entirely subsidized life that each Saudi lives, there would have been revolts already.  The ruling elite are servants to the United States.  They will fuel civil wars by arming sectarian factions in Syria and Iraq, they will roll over tanks into Bahrain to suppress voice of the majority but they dare not sell a single bullet to Hamas or Hezbollah when they fight Israel’s aggression.  Cowards!!  Sell-offs!!  You think these people care about Islam’s history?  Every $ they put into Hajj infrastructure is with a single mindset - how will the $ enable “more Hajis”, as more Hajis result in more revenues for the Saudi government. 

    And for God’s sake, please, please get out of your grave worship psychosis.  The self-proclaimed Ulu-Amr, the Saudi regime, do not dictate what Islam is.  So get out of your grave-phobia!!

  49. Hahahahahahahaha…. look at those people, ” calling themselves Muslims” fight and waste time, hahaha instead of reading Quran or Hadeeth or learning from it or passing it on hahaha… I have succeeded indeed…. hahahaha

  50. Good article.  But the use of word wahibi is objectionable as what saudis r doing is not according to islam..and Wahabiism is not a sect.

  51. salam to saudies this article is written by jewish mind because they are affraid of muslims and affraid of allah zul jalal house beauty
    they are making those towers to accomodate all hajies in next few years thats y they are buldozing all that real shame for those muslims who appreciate this article may allah guide you all ameen

  52. You all are being pitted ... wake Muslim brothers !!
    Is there news clarification from the Saudi government? Since when secular media RNS suddenly concerned with Islamic heritage? Another case, when RNS have another goal by writing this article. Why RNS do not care about the destruction of the foundations of the mosque Al Aqhsa by Israel?. Why did RNS do not care about the islamic historical sites in Iraq, which was destroyed by American bombs?

  53. as salaam o alaikum,
    above everything.. it would be wise to understand that some way or another these are the portents of the hour and it surely is close at hand ...
    i agree demolishing the heritage(and making washrooms in their place) is not exactly a good idea… but instead of blaming saudis why dont people understand that islam means worshiping the Creator. instead many of our muslim brethren have taken into worshiping the sacred places(that now have to be demolished) they do bid-dat at these places giving them more importance than Allah Himself! some even have have to the extent of showering with zamzam to ward away diseases(the well was also closed) they wash their shroud with zamzam, dry it n take it home(i have seen a shroud drying up) to be used when they die.. will help them against their sins??
    i would love to see this heritage, most of which does not remain… but i also understand that it is would be better to educate people rather than to demo-late the sites. 
    above everything.. it would be wise to understand that some way or another these are the portents of the hour and it surely is close at hand

  54. what this has to do with old mountains and historic houses, mecca is now one of most modern cities, and is hosting around 4 million people within 10 days at same place, and that is the most people gathering on earth within this period of time, so stop blaming, there is corrupt in all governments anywhere but to write such article is not ethic, and showing some behind the seine goals.

  55. Saudis have lost their faith & belief in greed of money and even they don’t respect the beloved prophet(s.a.w.w), Although they are the base of Muslim tradtions and belief but due to these activites they are misleading the muslims world to wrong way.

  56. There are many things to be addressed, but I will just deal with this the statement grave worshiper is a misleading lie of the wahhabis and they love to say they witnessed it. My question is really?! So you are telling me someone actually informed you as they were worshiping (i.e. making du’a supplication) in front of a grave that they were in total/ultimate humility and submission to the grave or the person inside of it! Or that they were making ‘ibadat (worshipping)  to the aforementioned! As that the only way I can believe you. Cause the ignorant Kuffar see us facing the Ka’aba or kissing it and etc, and then they say that we worship the Ka’aba or Black Stone. So it seems that your way of judgeing what someone worship is the same method as those kuffar. If you were to learn the proper definition of worship one make such silly judgements on the muslims. Muslims do not worship other than Allah. Learn what the scholars of the four authentic schools of Islam say about seeking Tabarruk, Tawassul, and istigatha and then one would realize that they are not worshipping graves or the ones in it. These people are strict upon Tawheed, and the ones who accuse them of shirk are usually the actual mushriks. They (i.e. the Wahhabis)  worship something that they attribute with limbs and liken to the creation and call Allah. Where as Allah ta’ala has said what means He is unlike the creations whatsoever. They are ignorant of Allah ta’ala and this religion and this is why they are so eagerly destroying the muslim heritage for they are not muslims. Astighfir-Allah ‘azheem wa atubu ilayk

  57. This is amazing! Congratulations to the Kingdom for finally making it out of the stone ages!


  59. If you can let Paris Hilton near Mecca and Medina and all hope is lost… I pity the muslim’s who think they know the real Islam.. just ask yourself one thing.. Is this how our beloved Prophet wanted the holy land to be like? All filled with fancy hotels and shopping malls. The Wahabi’s have outclassed Las Vegas.
    Whoever is appreciating the fact that historical monuments and graves should be demolished to pave way for high rise buildings will have most extreme Wrath of Allah..

  60. MashahAllah,brother u wrote execellent .
    these Saudi Leader are real traitor of ummah,the day is near when khilafah Comes and Hang these USA’s Right hand puppets

  61. Thank you for pointing this out to everyone.

    It is sad that we do not value our cultural and religious heritage is all. Greece’s ruins are preserved and treated as a source or tourism, to generate economic revenue

    The Mexicans have done similarly with the Mayan ruins… all over the world we see places with lessor significance preserved under laws and regulations that deem historical sites important yet Mecca Medina the place where Islam was born the place to where millions of Muslims journey yearly is being destroyed and being replaced with the mindless western capitalistic ideology.

    This isn’t about supply demand or economic feasibility ask your self if you went to Mecca for Haj would you not pay to be able to visit the house of the prophet to be able to walk the streets he walked in. No this is an attack on our identity as Muslims.

    I say to you my brothers lets wake up from our slumber, we fight about what is the “right” Islam kill brothers because they differ in beliefs from ours. Wahhabi’s kill Sunni’s who in turn kill Shia’s who retaliate and the cycle continue. The methodology of the west hasnt changed since the British ruled us all as colonies they divide and conquer and brother’s we are DIVIDED! we haven’t even been able to help out the people of Palestine even though they are surrounded by Muslim countries. We the Muslim ommah needs to unify and awaken and protect our identity our religion and our beliefs

  62. @Ali Akber, Greece ruins/Mayan ruins are in the middle of nowhere…n you cant simply compare them with the two holy sites. Millions (laterally) visit Mecca nd Madina on daily basis. So there is no comparison. and no you wont have to pay to visit the house of the Prophet (PBUH) (If it was there) because its not about the money.

    There are two questions that you ask yourself after reading this article (If you believe this article is right in the first place)...1) Should we accommodate the increasing number of muslims? 2) should we preserver our heritage?

    1) Yes, we should accomodate increasing number of Muslims to visit the holy sites….because thats the right thing to do being a muslim and a human.To allow a person to worship. To accommodate such number you have to build “Infrastructure” , you have to build that infrastructure on a very large scale.

    2) Answer to the second one is…and I quote from hadith; “We (Prophets) do not have any heirs; what we leave behind is (to be given in) charity”? and I think its from Sahih Muslim. you can cross check. So you cannot call it muslim hertiage technically. 

    Last but not least.. you all who are able to post comments on this post, I believe are literate enough to treat the house of prophet (PBUH) as muslim heritage/Islamic culture (Which you do not inherit anyways) but there are many muslims who are not well educated or are not strong enough to stop themselves from worshiping the belongings of prophets, they get too emotional and start praying to something else other than Allah which is shirk.

    And to conclude..honestly, There is a lot of power being put into dividing us. If you cant see it, you are a fool. Wahabisim, Salafi, Shia, Sunni..whatever man… You cant judge others. Only Allah can judge better.

    As for paris hilton…I’m sure most of our sister’s love to buy accessories from this particular shop. If they can do so in Riyadh (Granada) they can do so in mecca as well.  Why ban in mecca only? Why not in the whole kingdom? or why not from all the muslim states in the world? Think logical…

  63. Afflictions and the End of the World
    Bukhari :: Book 9 :: Volume 88 :: Hadith 214
    Narrated Ibn ‘Umar:

    The Prophet said, “O Allah! Bestow Your blessings on our Sham! O Allah! Bestow Your blessings on our Yemen.” The People said, “And also on our Najd.” He said, “O Allah! Bestow Your blessings on our Sham (north)! O Allah! Bestow Your blessings on our Yemen.” The people said, “O Allah’s Apostle! And also on our Najd.” I think the third time the Prophet said, “There (in Najd) is the place of earthquakes and afflictions and from there comes out the side of the head of Satan.”

    NAJD is now modern day Riyadh… so what could we expect from them..

    another hadith which we can analyze about such filthy people is

    Dealing with Apostates
    Bukhari :: Book 9 :: Volume 84 :: Hadith 67
    Narrated Abu Sa’id:

    While the Prophet was distributing (something, ‘Abdullah bin Dhil Khawaisira At-Tamimi came and said, “Be just, O Allah’s Apostle!” The Prophet said, “Woe to you ! Who would be just if I were not?” ‘Umar bin Al-Khattab said, “Allow me to cut off his neck ! ” The Prophet said, ” Leave him, for he has companions, and if you compare your prayers with their prayers and your fasting with theirs, you will look down upon your prayers and fasting, in comparison to theirs. Yet they will go out of the religion as an arrow darts through the game’s body in which case, if the Qudhadh of the arrow is examined, nothing will be found on it, and when its Nasl is examined, nothing will be found on it; and then its Nadiyi is examined, nothing will be found on it. The arrow has been too fast to be smeared by dung and blood. The sign by which these people will be recognized will be a man whose one hand (or breast) will be like the breast of a woman (or like a moving piece of flesh). These people will appear when there will be differences among the people (Muslims).” Abu Sa’id added: I testify that I heard this from the Prophet and also testify that ‘Ali killed those people while I was with him. The man with the description given by the Prophet was brought to ‘Ali. The following Verses were revealed in connection with that very person (i.e., ‘Abdullah bin Dhil-Khawaisira At-Tarnimi): ‘And among them are men who accuse you (O Muhammad) in the matter of (the distribution of) the alms.’ (9.58)

    may Allah curse these people who misguides the ummah…

  64. nowadays, hajj and umrah is becoming very very expensive for poor people.. if u hv money u live in a five star hotel 500 mtrs away from Al-Haram… but if ur poor then just go back a little bit.. say 8-10 KMS away… this is a fact…
    they are creating inequality among muslims…

    people who think paris hilton would not effect anything may please go back to Allah and his Messenger SAW.. Dajjal is entering our households on daily basis and these najdi’s are preparing it to enter into our Kaaba… Idiots!!!!!!

  65. Great article… an eye opener… well i am not totally surprised… House of Saud have been destroying the holy sites/ heritage sites since 1970 when they bulldozed Jannat al Baqi, the famous graveyard that housed the graves of the prophets beloved daughter Fatimah, and his grand sons, his wives and also his companions including the 3rd Caliph Usman.
    They have shown time and again they have zero tolerance for any sign of respect that muslims may show toward the prophet or his family (hence their saying Muhammad was like us). They intend to bring Muhammad to their own disgraceful level and then make him just another common man and hence make ground for what they are doing. Really sad that other than Iran, NO muslim country has ever raised a protest or complaint on the topic with the Saudi government.
    These Salafis… often referred to as Nasibi’s… are only referred to as Wahabi’s cause they follow Abdul Wahab… and not because they are god lovers or anything… but somebody rightfully pointed out that these are Kharjiites… Al Saud is doing what Kharjiites did back then… destroy islam from within…
    These two faced arab rulers and their cursed dynasty.. is never at the forefront when Palestine is attacked… but always at the forefront when popular uprising by majority shia in neighbor Bahrain threatens the current Wahabi rulers, the Khalifa dynasty… They send columns of tanks and APC’s to defend the Khalifa’s… Very few know that Al Saud of KSA, Al Khalifa of Bahrain & Al Thani family of Qatar… these 3 ruling wahabi dynasties are all couzins..
    Is it not shameful that not only this, these sheikhs are continuously filing the coffers of the west with their dollars… are helping the us fight of the debt burden… are spending billion per month paying american troops for ‘protection’... and their back door diplomacy with the Zionists is no longer a secret too… their hatred for the shia has blinded them to the extent that they have chosen their sides… and they are on Israel’s side against Iran, the only country that has the will if not the strength to face the american/ israeli war machine.
    Why did Gazans thank Iran recently in their 7 day war? they are sunni arabs, they should have thanked Saudia for support… well wishful thinking, the al saud’s are sellouts… they have spent billions in the world to finance spreading their hardcore violent brand of islam… that permits violence and condones killing other’s in the name of Islam… acts such as Al Qaeda, Taleban & Lashkar e Jhangvi (last being a terrorist group in Pakistan that specializes in executing the shia population) all take instructions, funding and ideological inspiration from these cursed people… May Allah open the eyes of our brothers and sisters who have the audacity and lack of knowledge and reasoning to try and defend the Saudi’s here… you really do deserve the hiltons… I hope she is able to get you off the hook on the day of judgement and that you don’t need Mohammad (Saww).

  66. Saudi Ruler are Religious fascist they want to dictate the terms of faith to entire ummah!.

    I am extremely sad to know , how they have been destroying the Islamic Heritage of Since the inception of Islam.

    Saudi Arab need a revolution like Bahrain and Egypt.

  67. It is distressing to see everyone arguing to prove their point.
    Debating is good for us. We should be critical thinkers but more importantly we as Muslims should be united.
    I have no opinion on what is right or wrong in regards to the above article as I don’t think I have sufficient knowledge of the Saudis intentions behind their acts or learned enough about our Prophet and religion to say if these cultural sites should exist or not.
    However I do believe in the oneness of Allah and due to that I ask Allah to guide us all to the straight path, grant us patience and unite the ummah.
    Without this unity there’s no way for us to gain victory.
    Allah does not change the state of a people unless they change what’s within themselves.

  68. Is simpler to spend petro dollars on building projects than on science development, it is easier to bulldoze Prophet house than   educate ppl.
    After all, does Saudis think we are all dumb and stupid so we will worship stones?
    maybe they judge ppl according to them self.
    I’m not eager of hotels and luxury when I decide to go to Mekka, I would like to see tries that Muhammed s.a.v.s. planted, i would like to see in what house has bin born the best person of all humans, is that in luxury or is more common.
    Shallow Bedouin mind can’t accept that I can respect something and not to worship it.
    here in Bosnia we know significance of historical marks and monuments, that are witnesses of our existence and our fight for right faith on our ground that is why enemies make great effort to destroy any mosque, house, masjid or even single stone that have any muslim symbol on it.
    There is no healthy tree without strong root, our roots are also indeed historical values in for of old marks, monuments and old buildings.
    And for end, Europe is now widely accepted like pure christian ground, mostly because there is no evidence anymore that anyone else ever lived there, evidences are bulldozed over time,  no mater if they were mosques in Sicily, minarets in Spain, or early Isa’s students tombstones or Celts graveyards, only scarce number of them survived.

  69. Misleading title of the article.

    Prophet Mohammed didn’t approve of tombs and grave worship. Wahabis don’t allow construction of grave and tombs. The tomb of Imam Hassan (RA) grand son of Prophet Mohammed -was demolished in Makkah in 1925.

  70. Such kind of article will increase more divisions in Islam. More division will definitely expected by non-Muslims. Try to write something good for united Muslim Ummah.

  71. I don’t agree. Astaghfirullah! Please don’t induce negativity among muslims for Holy cities.

  72. Assalamualiakum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

    Who are Wahabi. ...
    Salafi & Ahlus Sunnah are they different : ....
    Bida’ & Shirk : Islam Question and Answer - Detailed discussion of bid’ah and shirk.
    Shirk & its all types ..... of Shirk
    Islamic Monuments : .. monuments
    Importance of Buildings :.. of buildings…

    Al Hamdulillah I know as Muslim i will be held on the day of judgement even for a single word that i spoke, Its great that it has become passion for most of us with out looking at the facts we blame people by sitting in most remote places far behind .. But Ofcourse Allah is all watching.

    May Allah save us all from doing all loose talk & bringing Islam , Ulema, easily ..
    May Allah forgive me if anything is wrong.


  73. Even Rehman Malik is following their philosophy grin

    Ban cellular services as it causes terrorism.
    Demolish holy graves as they lead to shirk.

    Congratulations we have a Salafi interior minister smile

  74. Forbid living and kill all because some may become sinner or unbeliever.
    Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin had same philosophy, kill all if one maybe corrupted, close in prison all if one maybe is guilty, forbid anything if some may lead to doubt.
    And say that is for grater good.
    in west is by low and for protecting children,
    Among muslims is for unity and to avoid divisions.
    excuses andjust more excuses

  75. Totally biased and misleading article. Even the hadith quoted is incomplete, the full hadith is:

    The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: Islam began as something strange and will return as something strange as it began, so give glad tidings to the strangers.

    so the prophet(pbuh) actually said to give glad tidings to these strangers!!

    and where is it in the sunnah of the prophet(pbuh) to preserve heritage, houses of the dead, and building shrines???? Anyone? Isn`t avoiding shirk and other sins more important, if anything should be preserved, its the sunnah of the prophet(pbuh) and the unity of the ummah, That is much more important, and Islam should be visible in our own selves, in our actions, and in our society, and if you go and see in makkah and medina, Islam is still there, modesty is still there, all kinds of shops are there, and none of them can have a poster like the one given above, and you won`t find any woman like paris hilton over there, no one wants to be like her, but you`ll surely find many bearded Muslims who want to be like prophet(pbuh) in appearance and deeds.

  76. we should not worry about becoming idol and grave worshippers (ie shirk) because the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasalam already reassured us we would not, but worried about something else for us - and that is what we are suffering from today:  In a number of places in Sahih al-Bukhari, the report of the Messenger of God, upon him be peace, says: By God I do not fear that you will worship of other than God (shirk) after me, but I fear for you that the material world will appear before you in all its attractiveness - just as it did for those before you, and you will compete for it just as they did, and it will ruin you just as it ruined them.
    Stand strong; even without these physical holy sites, make sure that in your own heart and family, you have reverence for the Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wasalam and for the Quran, and for the Pious ones. Not just USE of them, but reverence, awe, and love for them. this is what the Khawarij are trying to take from our hearts.
    Lastly, for those who keep bringing up the point about accommodating everyone, you should read this article about whether it is really imperative and wise to have so many pilgrims at one go.
    Unity is not achieved when one group makes decisions for all of us about our common heritage and common gift from Allah. It is mine just as much as it is theirs. I think there should be an independent council made of rotating representatives (pious and upright Ulema) from each geographical area, who governs Makkah and Madinah and makes all the decisions. Makkah and Madina are not Saudi property. They are holy lands outside of tribal/national ownership. Just like the Vatican is an independent entity within a country (Italy).

  77. and also, as someone said, we need to put our money where our mouths are:  ie. stop buying from these stores when you go on the Hajj! honestly, did you go to Makkah and Madinah to go shopping??? or to pray? it’s only a few days, try to concentrate (if you can - with all the distractions of makkah mall etc). And we need to start demanding of our tour operators who make the Hajj packages to stop buying deals with the big fancy hotels. I don’t want to stay in a five-star hotel in Makkah! i want to be simple - after all, what a strange sight: people in two unsewn white garments - made to be signs of utter poverty before God - sleeping on luxury bedding, with TVs in their room, and piling their plates high with every type of food you can imagine from a 5-star buffet. We have to say no to this…talk to your tour operator and inform them that you don’t find this appropriate. Put the pressure where it can make a difference. you are not going to change Paris Hilton, but you can choose not to stay at the Hilton Makkah, and to bring only Zamzam and dates as purchases and gifts from the Holy Lands.

  78. i’m not sure abt the houses but i have heard from my aunt who lived in saudia and often visited Makkah that they bulldoze jannat ul baqi so they can bury more ppl in it and honestly i thnk the expansion of the mosque is a good idea bcoz many Muslims do visit each year and the number will increase. however the whole shopping mall concept is crazy! specially when the Muslim world really looks up to Saudi Arabia! even i don’t like Paris Hilton! really! who doesn’t?

  79. dear fatima, salam alaykum.  Would that the destruction of Jannat al-Baqi was to make more room. Sadly it is not. It is part of the longstanding Wahhabi opposition to shrines.  See this article  and this series of images:   
    May God bless you. omid

  80. Astaghfirullah…...Now what they want is to do pee over Our Umm-Ul-Momineen.
    All the Monuments are part of the Haram & are sacred as Kabah.
    Bulldoze all the Western Businesses ( Mcdonalds, KFC, Hardees)
    What the naked people like Paris Hilton doing there….?
    We should wipe them off from Our Holy Cities…..

  81. Ur article went straight to my heart. I have also wondered y people who are in Makkah for the sole purpose of praying and hoping to find solace in the land of God wud need Paris Hilton’s handbags. Utterly out of place and so wrong. I hate this clock too.

  82. One of few current articles on the subject that nails all the issues in one.

  83. Hajj is a joke in the current situation.

  84. I disagree with Marium’s response. $7,000 per night is not for average hajji but for the rich elite (opposite to what Islam preaches, no class difference). They should all be standard accomodations where rich and poor can be as close to Kaaba as possible, not just the rich while poor have to walk long distance. Plus why not local brands? :p Revenue from rich ppl also goes to hotel owners in the west. Sorry, i don’t agree. Shrine worshipping is Ullema’s fault and fault of the ignorants, not that of poor people in graves. These changes are made by the Kingdom, not by 1300 yrs of Caliphate, not to mention that for promotion of Wahabism, funds came from US according to western writers themselves to counter Iran. What happened to preservation of history from being lost resulting in doubts that if what is written in books actually ever happened?

  85. Why can’t they just build ordinary hotels with decent and complete facilities nearby Kaabah without demolishing the historical structures, instead of building 5-star hotels that many people couldn’t afford? We came here to show devotion to Allah SWT, to praise Him. Not wow-ing at the ugly and obnoxious buildings. Why aren’t the authorities do something? Are you dragging the Muslims to the sin-full way? Because real Muslims won’t be gullible as you think!

  86. Paris Hilton is my princess

  87. Muslims have been divided in to sects and sub-sects. For real and pure and true Islam kindly check this link. Jazak’Allah.

  88. Dear All, They are so in respect of Muslims who go there for Hajj, Why are going to became a race behin the columnist. They are doing so due to expension of Kabba Sharif, and Masjid Nabvi, Now thay have to adjust more than 6.00 Million people from abroad countries, This strenght is excluding the people who live in Makkah and Midina, And this job of extension is being done after IJTEHAAD, and after recounsling, and after suggestion of Many ULMA, from all over the world, So Dont Worry, WO ALLAH KI NESHIAN KO METT NAI SAKTAY.

  89. This is what mulukiutt has caused Islam and that is why Hazrat Ali (AS) declared Kharjites as Munafiqs. Its a full time business for Saudi Royal family and Hajj is no more a religious holy ritual. SHAME on you Saudis may the hell break on you.

  90. @Aza. Well said

  91. I cannot believe some of the incredibly ignorant and futile comments here… WHO CARES what the Wahhabis/Salafists/Ahle Jahannam allow or disallow…?? THEY don’t “allow” the building of tombs, so WE agree..?? WHAT NONSENSE!!!

    And for the unfortunate individual who suggested we don’t use the word “Wahabi” because Wahab is a Name of Allah swt, USE YOUR AQL. They’re called “Wahabis” because they follow Muhammad bin Abdul WAHAB Najdi (may the curses of Allah swt rain down on him forever, Ameen).


  92. My heart breaks when I see what they’ve done in Makkah and Madina.  All I can do now is close my eyes and try to remember what Makkah and Madina looked like when I was a child. I can still remember the beautiful Ajyad Fortress overlooking the Haram. I remember when the starry Makkan sky was still visible when doing tawaf around the Kaaba.  Now, all I see is that huge monstrosity blocking my view and all those cranes and hotels looming over me!  What are they doing? What have they done?  I remember a time when it was possible to peer inside the room where the Beloved of God is buried and see his tomb and smell the air inside.  Now, we can’t get close and are told to move on and stop looking!  I am grateful to God that I have all these memories with me, but what about my children?  What will they see and what will they remember?

  93. The entire Ummah must wake up and expose those Wahabies and let the ignorant Muslims know that these people are really not Muslims, rather, they are a real enemy of Islam and the Muslims dressing up as Muslims.

  94. its very sad what the saudis are doing , they dont love our prophet they love money
    its a sign for the end of time

  95. Many people ae losing sight of the fact that the greatest evil of the Saudi regime isn’t its craven materialism, but the hideous object-worship doctrine promoted by Wahhabism.  The Sunnis believe that Allah, the Creator of space, distance, and direction is not an object and doesn’t have a size or dimensions.  (Allah is not a material or spiritual being—-whatever one imagines, Allah is different from that.)  The Wahhabis, on the ther hand, pray to a giant unidentified extraterrestrial object with a smiling face, fingers, two feet, and one shinbone.  The one who worships an object (whether on earth or elsewhere) is not a Muslim.  For more on this topic please see:

  96. what’s wrong with it?

    For Saudis, she is too hot, unlike graves/deadbodies :p

  97. For sure this is a travesty - a Paris Hilton store in the city Prophet Muhammad, the best of creations, was born!! This regime has many more problems though…the worst of them being their belief in The Creator of the universe. The Saudi regime promotes Wahhabism!!! Which is object worship…wahhabis believe Allah is some big man like entity high up which descends and ascends like a yo-yo. This is shirk!! Wahhabis claim to preach the Oneness of Allah, but this is just plain shirk! Allah existed before light and darkness, time and space, directions and places, etc. Allah existed before all places and exists without a place. Allah, The Creator, is The Creator of directions and exists without them! Allah created body parts and is clear of such imperfections! This is the worst of the Saudi regimes blunders! To believe as wahhabis believe will cancel one’s Islam!

  98. (What happened to preservation of history from being lost resulting in doubts that if what is written in books actually ever happened? lisa | Nov 28, 2012 | 3:39pm )

    After all of the physical evidence and proof has been destroyed then the books will change.

    For those who have never heard it, there is a prophecy of Muhammad’s that says that one sign of the end-times would be that Bedouin sheep-herders would compete in building tall buildings.

    There is a famous Hadith of Jibril (i.e. the angel Gabriel) which is often recited when a Muslim is talking about Islam. What most people don’t usually realize is that in that same hadith the Muhammad actually prophesied about the appearance of tall buildings at the end of time. What follows is the full hadith:

    I am sure there is at least 1 person who will disagree with my post and this fine but as a Hijabi who was not born into any Religion I actually spen time reading and asking questions and I don’t pretend to know if I don’t feel that I can truly stand behind the statements that I make. I don’t pull this information out of thin air it is actually written in Hadith.

    Look old photos of Saudi around Mecca and see how today it looks like any downtown metropolitan city.

    As for the expensive hotels, why? The average Muslim in the World is poor. As a whole we don’t generate vast amounts of wealth due to our constraint on what is Halal and Haram earnings. Making clean, safe and comfortable Hotel rooms available at $49.95 a day seems crazy but this is not vacation this is incumbent upon every Muslim that can afford to make the Pilgrimage.

    After you pay your bills, pay the airlines, buy food, the overpriced gifts that all your family and friends and neighbors will want and the donations you will give to the Saudis living in the nearby mountains who survive on Pilgrams assistance who can afford an overpriced Hotel?

    Ya’Allah please show the Saudi government how it is beneficial for them to make it easy for us Muslims to make Hajj and or Umrah. Ameen

  99. OK so what can be done about this? Is there a specific committee in the government that decides what to bulldoze? Who in the government is our champion who opposes these developments? We can try to work with them to show the government that the people—muslims everywhere—oppose this. The only reason it hasn’t become a big deal yet is because no one is actually reporting this—most muslims have no idea!

  100. can’t you see the amount of hate this article expose us to !!! they want u to hate Saudis & want to devide Islam to groups !!!  Only ignorant will listen to this things !! ur true enemy are nt Saudis .. U knw ur enemy !! so don’t talk about ur brothers !
    They also don’t talk about givernment !! They are talking about citizens !

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