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Romney has Romnesia:  he used to support “full equality” on gay/lesbian issues

Oh what a difference running for political office makes.   

President Obama has given a good name to Romney's tendency to "forget" about his previous stances in the name of courting more conservative votes:  Romnesia
Romney might pretend to forget, but fortunately many of us have better memories.  

In 1994, when Romney was trying to make a political name for himself in the state of Massachusetts, he did an interview with a gay/lesbian newspaper called Bay Windows, and said:

Bay Windows [BW]: Do you support the federal lesbian and gay civil rights bill that would ban anti-gay discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations and credit? …This is not just employment, but also housing, public accommodations and credit.

MR: I am not fully aware of that bill, so I would need to study that more fully. I am aware of the legislation that Barney Frank proposed [the Employment Non-Discrimination Act] and do support that and would vote in favor of that.

Here is Romney on same-sex health benefits:

I do support generally the proposition that people in homosexual relationships should not be discriminated against in terms of employment benefits.

BW: Why should the gay community support your campaign when Ted Kennedy has been a strong supporter of civil rights issues and the gay community?

MR: Well, I think you're partially right in characterizing Ted Kennedy as supportive of the gay community, and I respect the work and the efforts he's made on behalf of the gay community and for civil rights more generally, and I would continue that fight.

In other words, Romney had said that he wanted to be more Gay-friendly than Ted Kennedy.  

How far is the 1994 Romney from the 2012 Romney.
Romnesia, indeed!
What a cynical exercise in courting votes.

This was not a one-time move.   Log Cabin Republicans, an organization within the Republican party that seeks to ensure gay and lesbian rights.

"As a result of our discussions and other interactions with gay and lesbian voters across the state, I am more convinced than ever that as we seek to establish full equality for America's gay and lesbian citizens, I will provide more effective leadership than my opponent,''

The key word above is:   "Establish full equality" for American's gay and lesbian citizens.    Full equality.    
Check out the full text of his letter here:

This is the same Romney that now talks about marriage as being something that is Biblically defined between one man and one woman.    I would be interested in asking him his views on his own great, great, grandfather Parley Pratt who had twelve wives, 30 children, and 266 grandchildren. Romney's family moved to Mexico as part of the Mormon commitment to practice "Plural marriage" after the Mormon church had distanced itself from the practice, which is why his dad was born in Mexico. But he continues to stigmatize single parents and same-sex families for being un-bibilcal.   Would Romney characterize his own family as UnBiblical?

if not, why does he project that label onto so many other Americans?
He might have Romnesia, but we do not.

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  1. And Obama suffers a lot of Obamnesia.

  2. Why is it that the media never criticizes or derides someone who moves from conservative to liberal on issues (the media never plagued Ted Kennedy for moving from pro-life to pro-abortion)??? But goes ballistic over a politician who moves in a conservative direction. This is one of the ways the liberal mainstream media uses its immense power to frame debates and issues

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