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Ramadan around the world

Islam is often described as a global religion, yet for all the predictable reasons (oil, Arab spring, Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories), the world’s gaze is often fixated on the Middle East.     Less than 20% of all Muslims are Arabs, and the four most populated Muslim countries are all in South Asia or Southeast Asia:  Indonesia, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.

Ramadan serves as a great time to move beyond that narrow regional focus to a more accurate global depiction of the presence of Islam, and realize the ways in which Muslims in various cultures celebrate Ramadan.

In some countries, there are particular sweets, desserts, and treats that are saved for the month of Ramadan.        

Illume magazine has put together a lovely collection of Ramadan celebrations from around the world, and it is worth checking them out.     Check them out here.

There are many lovely images, such as this one, from the Illume collection.    Check out the whole collection at the Illume site.

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